Non-US Stock Markets Are Very Bullish Now:
         Using TIGER to Track The World Markets

(c) 2006 William Schmidt, Ph.D.

Foreign markets are outperforming the USA by wide margins now.
stock market.  New strength in foreign currencies is apparent. 
The EURO has just broken its downtrend.  Our Accumulation Index
jumped just before its rise from 1.17 to 1.21 dollars.  ETFs, which
are based on US dollars are on the rise, especially Korea, Japan,
Brazil and South Africa.

Tiger Software easily lets you compare the rankings of the Ishares
country ETFs and build an Index of them all and see their Advances-Declines Line.
And it gives you automatic Buy and Sell signals on each.  Plus,
it gives you the net of Stocks on Buys minus those on Sells.
That number now is a +12.  Only 2 of the ETFs are on Sells.
It it also points your attention to the new Buys.

Click on the symbol to get current chart.

FUND NAME     TICKER    Dividend per share
---------------     ---------      -------------------
Australia Index     EWA          0.2326
Austria Index       EWO          0.0449
Belgium Index      EWK          0.0592
Brazil Index          EWZ          0.3639    Top Pct Gainer for last 250 days.
Canada Index       EWC          5.0572
France Index        EWQ          1.2333
Germany Index     EWG          2.5316
Hong Kong Index EWH         0.2088
Italy Index             EWI           2.2267
Japan Index          EWJ            0.4514  Top Pct Gainer for last 100 days. Tops in Power-Ranking and Accumulation.
Malaysia Index     EWM          0.0534
Mexico Index       EWW           0.4234
Netherlands Index EWN          0.2257
Singapore Index     EWS          0.1719
Spain Index           EWP           0.9491
South Korea Index EWY        0.0000  Top Pct Gainer for last 25 and 50 days.
Sweden Index       EWD          5.3910
Switzerland Index  EWL         0.1572
Taiwan Index        EWT           0.8575
UK Index             EWU           0.9267
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