Tiger Software and Selected French Stocks

Tiger works superbly with stocks traded anywhere in the world.  The same principles work
      .  Supply and Demand, Support and Resistance Levels, Trading Ranges and Momentum Runs.
         Patterns of Professional Buying and Selling - Shown with Tiger's Optimized Buys and Sells.
         Tiger Reveals Insider Accumulation and Distribution - Use Tiger B24's.
         Peerless Major Buys and Sells work globally, not merely on the Dow Jones Indistrial Average.
                     The May 5th Major Sell started a selling wave felt everywhere on Earth!

    Charts thru September 25, 2006                                                Charts thru November 13, 2006
   ----------------------                                                           -------------------------
     AKH (Air France)                                                               AKH   (Air France - NYSE)
     AL (NYSE) Alcan                                                               AL (Alcan - NYSE)
      DG-F  (Vinci - Paris)                                                          DG-F (Vinci - Paris
      GAZ-F  (GAZ of France - Paris)                                        GAZ-F   (GAZ of France - Paris)
      GFI-F  (GFI-Info - Paris)                                                   GFI-F   (GFI-Info - Paris)
      LG-F  (La Farge - Paris)                                                    LG-F   (La Farge - Paris)
      RHA-F   (Rhodia - Paris)                                                   RHA-F    (Rhodia - Paris)
      SGO-F  (Saint Gobain - Paris)                                            SGO-F (Saint Gobain - Paris)
      SU-F  (Schneider - Paris)                                                   SU-F  (Schneider - Paris)
      TEC-F  (Technip - Paris)                                                    TEC-F  (Technip - Paris)
      VE (Veolia Env.-NYSE) VIE-F (Veolia Env - Paris)           VE (Veolia Env.-NYSE) VIE-F (Veolia Env - Paris)