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                                                      by William Schmidt, Ph.D.
                                   Chart below shows automatic Peerless Buys and Sells.
                       Use Peerless to know when the market safe and when it is dangerous.

The Stock Market Can Be Predicted.  Let Us Show You HOW.

   +71.4% Gain trading DJI over last 12 months - 5/2/2011

Most pundits tell folks the stock market is unpredictable,
          that there are too many variables, that there are always unexpected
         "black swan" events and that the stock market changes
          too much over time to learn from the past.  All this talk is
         "blatherskipe". "flapdoodle", "twaddle" and "taradidle", serving
          only to keep the vast majority of small investors in the dark and at the
          mercy of professionals who know much better. 

         Of course, I don't say our Peerless is perfect. Such hubris would surely
         be an invitation to being smitten by the Gods.  But the facts remain,
         REAL-TIME, our Peerless Stock Market Timing has been consistently
         accurate and profitable.  It has not missed a major market turn since
         its inception in 1981 and has made thousands of professionals and
         individuals lots of money.  That's why we still have customers now,
         who started with us in the early 1980s, 30 years ago! 

         Why is Peerless not better known?    Probably because, as its author,
         I enjoy the craft of quietly proving that history helps understand the future,
         because I have felt the pain caused by plagiarism from lazy comptetors
         and cannot help but feel a certain amount of contempt for all the secret
         agenda-hidden, over-paid purveyors of ignorant stock market opinons
         on TV.

         The Buys and Sells in the chart below are real-time.  Someone trading the DJI
         or its many close equivalents would have made a lot of money this past
         year.  So, consider this as your invitation to call us.  858-273-5900 or
         Order Peerlss and TigerSoft.  If history shows anything, it is that we can set
         you on a path to much greater financial security.

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The secret to finding an explosive super stock is finding a stock with highly significant
     insider buying as shown below.  Then wait for the next TigeSoft autmatic Buy.  B12s and B24s work superbly.
     With a single mouse click, you can find these stocks from a large universe of more than 6000 stocks. 
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                                                         Predictions and Political Economy  

                           World Wide, Insider Trading Is Rampant.
             But using TigerSoft, you can easily spot it and profit from it.


                           SEC Now Admits Insider Trading Is Rampant.
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      Protect yourself with our TigerSoft,
   Peerless Stock Market Timing Software and Nightly on-Line Hotline.

  Buying and Blindly Holding Is Dangerous.
              So is, trusting Wall Street and CEOs To Tell You The Truth.

              TigerSoft Blog and News Service - One Million Shares Sold by CitiGroup Execs at Stock's Top.

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