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Why The Market Keeps Going Up.

     What Wall Street Is not Telling You.
  By William Schmidt, Ph.D. (Columbia Univeristy) and Author of TigerSoft and Peerless  
            Wall Street's Control over Obama,
                      How Wall Street Is A Clear and Present Danger. 

                                       Insider Trading Is Rampant.

               It is said everytime the young Bill Clinton would start to veer to the left as President,
       Alan Greenspan and Robert Rubin would come into the oval office and tell him, "We need to
       talk.  This is the way things work around here".   Similarly, when Obama first came to office
       in January 2009, he made several speeches attacking Wall Street's excesses as primary
       cause for the World's financial crisis of 2008.    The market promptly responded and fell
       from 9700 to 6500, a decline of 33%, between the time he was elected to early March
       the next year. 

             Obama got the message.  He was only the President.  Wall Street controls the corporate
       economy and the account balances in millions of IRAs.   In effect, Wall Street holds America
       hostage.  If Obama tried to bring Wall Street to account for causing the Crash of 2008,
       there could easily be another, even bigger Crash.   Wall Street had more than enough power
       to do this.  JFK learned this in  the first half of 1962 when his challenge to US Steel caused
       Wall Street to drop prices faster and farther than the Cuban Missle Crisis did in the Fall of 1962.
       See - http://www.tigersoft.com/Tiger-Blogs/7-22-2007/index.htm  

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              What is worse, Wall Street could make money, too, dropping the stock market.  There
        is no legal deterrent to a massive manipulated bear raid.   Wall Street only has to quickly buy
        leveraged short ETFs and use its program trading tools to sell short thousands of stocks in a
        nanosecond, all on downticks, even stocks that it did not have to borrow first).  They could crash
        the financial system and bring all lending to a complete stop.

             This is what made Obama quickly switch gears.  It was as though, the CEO of Goldman Sachs
        called the President and said. "Mr. Obama, we were your largest camapign contributor.  We run
        things around here.  You work for us.   Did you forget?  You're only President.  Now, if you don't
        want a total collapse,  reverse your course, now.  I've talked to Bernanke.  We and the FED are
        fully prepared to work with you, but you must not challenge us and rock the boat.  In return, we
        will stop all short selling and push the market up and up.  That will make your big campaign
        contributors happy.  Keep the populist rhetoric to a minimum.  It just makes problems for all of us."

              Obama got the message.  He told them he would change his tone.  The market
      turned up.  In mid-March 2009, he went on Jay Leno's show.  Leno asked him: "Shouldn't
      somebody go to jail?"  Obama flat-out declared, without even a minimal, preliminary investigation
      of the Crash, that "most of the stuff that got us in trouble was perfectly legal."   Obama made it
      seem all just so unfortunate.  No crimes had been committed.  No investigation was even needed.   

      It was at that moment that Obama showed that he would protect Wall Street at the expense of
      Main Street and taxpayers.  This was exactly what Wall Street wanted to hear.  Without demanding
      any investigation of the Crash first, Obama was telling Americans that there was:

                  1)   no fraud (as when Goldman sold bundled mortgages but then for its own account sold
                  short housing and other bank stocks to the tune of many billions
                  2) no false accounting (as when the failing big banks manipulated their books to
                  cover-up their losse
                  3) no illegal short sales (a widespread illegal practice that the SEC has ignored),
                  4) no manipulating the market downwards in the Fall of 2008 (as when short selling hedge
                  funds aggressively sold short and made billions and billions
                  5) no misuse of credit default swaps which let the big Wall Street banks bet on the
                  bankruptcy of AIG and others,
                  6) no disclosure of conflicts of interest between New York Fed and Goldman Sachs
                  in giving it special treatment (example - the FEd's declaring Goldman a commercial bank.)".
                  7) no timely full disclosure of secret Fed deals. (As when many tens of billions in the AIG
                  bailout secretly went to the biggest banks

                It was at that moment that a powerful consortium, a new triumvirate was formed.  Wall Street,
       Obama and the Federal Reserve, each  for defferent reasons, would cooperate to push stock prices
       much higher.  

                 Clearly, the Fed's multi-trillion dollar subsidies of Wall Street since the Crash are part
       of a secret agreement wherein  the biggest banks buy stocks, do not sell stocks short and are
      not required or even encouraged to make small business and consumer loans with the trillions
      the Feds has given them as loans for their toxic debt collateral.   Meanwhile, the Obama Administration
      tosses out populist rhetoric to fool people, but maintains the status quo for the biggest Wall Street
      banks and corporations.  He allows them to continue the same obscene pay and dangerous
      business and investment practices that caused the financial collapse of 2008.   So, sad to report,
      the same people who caused the 2007-2009 World Financial Collapse and permitted it to occur
      by their lack of regulation of Wall Street are still very much running the show and making the
      same mistakes but on a much bigger scale, since s the banks have now gotten much bigger and
      the Fed has made four trillion in very risky loans to these culprit banks,  in the name of all Americans.

             Right away, TigerSoft saw through Obama's empty rhetoric and recommended buying the new
      era's "bubble" stocks starting on March 9th, 2009, a day off the bear marhet bottom.    We certainly
      believe that Obama, the FEDand Wall Street have now completely forsaken Main Street America.

             Running up stocks is great for us.  Our TigerSoft people have made a lot of money in the bull
      market that we called by buying the same stocks insiders and Wall Street professionals were buying..
      But there are millions and millions who are probably now permanently unemployed because of
      greed connection between Wall Street and Washington.   The stock market is up much more than 50%
      in the last year.  But the average consumer is just as strapped for cash and for many, their savings
      have been exhausted.  Manufacturing jobs are still disappearing from America.  Unoffical
      under-employment remains close to 20%.  The slef-employed whose business is down sharply are
      not counted in the official numbers.  Nor are those who are too discouraged to look.  Instead,
      the government counts as employed part-time workers who cannot find full time jobs.  The pay
      for too many of these is not a living wage.  

           We are citizens, too.   We see our job here at TigerSoft, not just to make money for our
      sunscribers, but to debunk Obama's very conservative, anti-democratic myth of "trickle-down"
      from Wall Street to Main Street and to penetrate the sinister veil of secrecy that conceals
      Wall Street's control over the President, the Treasury Secretary, most of Congress, especially
      Senators and the Federal Reserve.   In fact, knowing the truth has very much helped our customers
      take back in trading profits some of the money Wall Street would have otherwise reaped just for itself. 
      In the same way, seeing all the insider selling in 2008, allowed Tiger users to criticize banksters
      like Washington Mutual, Bank of America and CitiGroup while selling these bank stocks short
      and profit from their plunges.  Why should only insiders sell out at the top?  Why shouldn't we too?

    Continmued below    Wall Street's Buying Spree in Low Priced Stocks.
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   Wall Street's Buying Spree in Low Priced Stocks.

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                               What Wall Street Is Not Telling You. 

Wall Street's "Dirtiest Little Secrets" are NOT the obscenely high executive pay there,
    the billion dollar bailouts or even the hyping and fraudulent misrepresentation of bubble-stocks or illegal
    front-running.  It is not even Wall Street's abetting of the tax-evasion and trading done by tens of thousands
    of rich Americans and corporations with Swiss bank accounts.    Sadly, it is not even Wall Street's destruction
   of American Democracy by the wholesale buying of Congress and Presidents through bribes, i.e. million
   dollar campaign contrition. 

       Well then, what are Wall Street's two "Dirtiest Little Secrets" that are hardly ever
    mentioned and never discussed by public officials or TV broadcasters?

   They are:

          (1)  the rampant, universal, deeply-rooted and mostly unregulated 

       Commodities done by the Associates of  the very corporate insiders
       who must and usually do report their insider stock transactions.

2)  the frequent, also unregulated but now Federal Reserve Encouraged
                          Fortunately for Tiger users, we can now spot most of the
                            significant insider trading and professional stock manipulation.
                           We do this using the TigerSoft tools, concepts and automatic
                           Buy and Sell signals that TigerSoft has invented and spent nearly
                          30 years testing, refining and fine-tuning.  Please


                                                  Here is what we have learned:                                    

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              The SEC is meant to give investors the sense that the investment playing field is level
        and fair.  It is not.    Insider trading is rampant and very largely unregulated.  Fortunately
       TigerSoft has devised unique ways to let you watch what Wall Street insiders and professionals
       are buying or selling.    Buying what they are buying and selling what they are selling is a
       "game changer" for all investors and traders.  Profits become much easier and safer.
       As an insider, you will also start to see much more clearly just how closely Washngton
       depends on Wall Street and vice verse.  If anything, Obama's Administration has tightened
       this relationship.

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