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                                - A Special Introduction -

             Learn The Rules and Get The Tools
              To Survive The Wall Street Jungle

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               Learn How To Trade Stocks Very
                 Profitably while Limiting Risk.

        Wall Street, too often, has mainly served INSIDERS and PROFESSIONALS.
                          Here you will learn the rules to beat Wall Street at its own game.  We apply the
                          TigerSoft tools you will need to make investing and trading stocks much more
                          profitable.    Bluntly restated, without this knowledge and TigerSoft, the stock
                          market is a very dangerous place for your hard-earned money.  Please read more.

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                      Thank you for visiting.  These are the starting rules we teach our customers. 
               They are based on 30 years' observation, testing and discussions with hundreds of
               professional traders.   If you don't understand something here, give us a call at
               858-273-5900.   We will make the concepts and tools clearer and apply them
               to the stocks you are interested in.  The best time to call is in the afternoon

                             Read some more and we will explain the Buys and Sells here.wpe158.jpg (68094 bytes)

                         You May Want To Reconsider Your Trading Approach

                        We strongly suggest you re-think "buying and holding", only "selling when
               you have a profit" and "shooting from the hip" buying because a stock just
               looks cheap.  You might make money for a while.  But not in the long run.  These
               trading approaches are very dangerous to your pocket-book.   So is buying on
               a "tip".   Some who will read this are high-powered people who are used to making
               important decisions on their own with their own expertise.  If that describes you,
               be sure to take the time to read what follows closely.  The rules below are vital.

The Trend Is Your Friend. 
                  But What "Trends" Are The Most Important?

                       If all this is too hard to swallow, keep repeating the mantra, "the trend is your
               friend" and look back at what just happened to the stock market between
               October 2007 and March 2008, when the Dow Jones Average fell 54%.   Most
               "buy and hold" portfolios were down much more.   Using the rules detailed here,
               ones which we have advocated for many years, would have kept you out of
               all the losses since 2007.  You would have lost nothing and would even have
               been far ahead in a retirement account. 

                      The trends to follow are the 50-day mvg.avg. of price, TigerSoft's Accumulation
               Index and TigerSoft's Closing Power.  There's more.  But mastering these concepts
               will be of enormous help.

                   There's a lot you can quickly discover here.  Read on.  I will post many more
               examples in the coming weeks and I suggest regular reading of the Tiger Blog.   
                     Here are the basics.  

               Rule #1  Watch the 50-day moving average of stock prices.  Its "trend is your friend".
               This rule is something you will see espoused in Investors' Business Daily and
               by many other traders. 

BUY -  When a stock's prices close the day ABOVE the 50-day ma with
                       the Tiger Accumulation Index
POSITIVE, we should treat that as a Buy. 
SELL - When a stock's prices close the day BELOW the 50-day ma with
                      the Tiger Accumulation Index
NEGATIVE, we should treat that as a Buy. 

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                                               Using only prices crossing a 50-day ma alone can often produce
                                          whip-saws.  This occurs when   prices go back and forth over the 50-day
                                          ma several times in rapid succession without making a bigger, profitable
                                          move.  That is the reason we also require TigerSoft's Accumulation Index,
                                          which is a measure of insider and professional accumulation and
                                          distribution, to
CONFIRM the move past the 50-day ma. 
           Rule #2                When prices cross above the 50-day ma and the Accumulation Index is
                                         still in negative (red) territory, treat this as an
CROSS-OVER.  Similarly, when prices cross below the 50-day ma and the
                                         Accumulation Index is still in positive (blue) territory, we also treat this
                                         as an
UNCONFIRMED CROSS-OVER.  In these cases, prices usually pull-
                                         back to the 50-day ma and we must watch for a confirmed cross-over,
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                    Always also watch the trend of the (blue) TigerSoft Closing Power.  Its trend
                    is your friend if you abide by it and do not fight it.  Only TigerSoft has this

    Silver has moved up and down with swings of TigerSoft Closing Power
                   and Tiger's Accumulation Index.  Both indicators were created by TigerSoft.

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          Rule #3      Watch the (blue) TigerSoft Closing Power.  Draw-lines through its highs
                             when it is declining. 

Rule #3 BUYs take place on cross-overs by the Closing Power above its

                             Draw lines through its bottoms when it is rising. 

Rule #3 SELLs take place on cross-overs by the Closing Power below its

                             This approach gives more Buys and Sells than Rule #1.  It is for traders.  It
                             ensures that you will miss very few substantial price moves. 

          Rule #4:    You will usually do much better using
Rule #3 BUYs when the stock is already
                              on a
Rule #1 BUY.  In other words, you can buy stocks that move above their
                              Closing Power resistance line more confidently when the stock is also
                              above its 50-day ma and the Tiger Accumulation Index is positive.

                             Similarly, short sellers will do very well using
Rule #3 SELLs when the stock
                             is already on a
Rule #1 SELL.   In other words, Sell stocks short more confidently
                             when their Closing Power uptrend support line is violated and the stock is below
                             its 50-day ma and the Tiger Accumulation Index is negative.

                             Horizontal Closing Power resistance and support levels when violated
                             bring powerful moves, 
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GS.BMP (1440054 bytes)                         
    What A Very Bullish Stock Look Like
                        at The Start of Its Advance

Explosive Super Stocks

                      Rule #5     
                                           Use Tiger's Power-Stock-Ranker the find the best stocks to buy.
                              They often show intense, massive, steady Insider Buying/Accumulation.
                              Buy them when the (blue) TigerSoft Closing Power's downtrend line
                              is broken.
December 31, 2007
   What Distinguished Early-on The Stocks about To Rise The Most in 2007 
June 18, 2008   Picking the Best Performing Stocks of 2008
Is Easy with TigerSoft's Power Ranker
                                                                             and our Accumulation Index

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What A Very Bearish Stock Look Like
Tiger's Short Selling Techniques

                 Rule #6     
                                           Short sellers, use Tiger's Power-Stock-Ranker the find the best
                              stocks to sell.  They often show intense, massive, steady Insider                
                              Selling and Distribnbution.  Sell them short when the (blue) TigerSoft
                              Closing Power's uptrend line is broken. 
                                                    August 7, 2007
          How To Pick The Best Short Sales?     
August 13, 2007
        Killer Short Sale Techniques    
November 6, 2007  
   Lots of Stocks Look Like Good Short Sales   
January 13, 2008  
    Insider Selling, as TigerSoft Measures It,
                                                                                          Is A Common Characteristic of Weakest Stocks of 2008.

                                       March 3, 2008             Weak Stocks for Short Selling as Found by TigerSoft's Power-Ranker   

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                     A LOT MORE IS COMING.  But we can't give all our trade secrets away,
                     Our website is full of examples and charts which carry these ideas much
                     further.   The point here is to show you what works best and to demonstrate
                     that profitable trading is easy, once you have the best tools and know the
                     right rules.   See  www.tigersoft.com    We use automatic Buys and Sells, too.  
                     That makes trading even easier.  Give us a call, 858-273-5900.