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                 February 20, 2010    

   Watch The Professionals To
Catch The Tops in "Bubble" Stocks

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                   Watch The Professionals
              To Catch The Tops
          in "Bubble -Trouble" Stocks

                         Stocks that have made big runs upward have to be sold sometimes. 
              Holding them too tightly could let one lose all his or her big profits.  That will
              cause a terrible case of regrets and self-recriminations.  Fortunately, TigerSoft
              can show you how to sell very close the top.  What we show here, over again,
              is how the stock tops out only when the Tiger Professional Power and/or Closing
              Power reverses and breaks its steep uptrend.  Knowing this should give is
              more confidence to play "bubble" stocks, since we can now see when to sell. 
              And this knowledge will also help us identify market tops, since so many of
              these explosive super stochs top out only when their sponsors see a top in the
              general market.  That was true in early 2001 with QCOM, HGSI and IMCL.  It was
              true in 2006 and 2007 with any nymber of housing and bank stocks.  And it was
              true in 2008 with Crude Oil and silver stocks, to mention a few.

         ---------------------------------- QCOM 2000 -----------------------------------------------
         TigerSoft losing Power Pct

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    ---------------------------------- HGSI 2000 -----------------------------------------------
    TigerSoft Pro-Power Indicator

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---------------------------------- IMCL 2000 -----------------------------------------------
         Closing Power Pct

IMCL1.BMP (1041654 bytes)

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-------------------------------- ONYX   2006-2007 -----------------------------------------------
         Closing Power
Trend-Reversal at top.
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-------------------------------- TBSI   2006-2007 -----------------------------------------------
         Closing Power
Trend-Reversal at top.
wpe191.jpg (53268 bytes)

--------------------------------- Crude Oil  2007-2008 -----------------------------------------------
         Closing Power
Trend-Reversal at top.
wpe190.jpg (73757 bytes)

--------------------------------- FSLR   2007-2008 -----------------------------------------------
         Closing Power
- Here the first Closing Power trend-break was premature.
         If this happens, Buy it on the next CP downtrend-break and Sell on the
         next CP-uptrend break.

FSLR.BMP (1075254 bytes)

FSLR2.BMP (1440054 bytes)

-------------------------------- AMZN 2009-2010 -----------------------------------------------
         Closing Power Trend-Break
         AMZN cannot be said to have had a bubble-type advance.
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   Other Charts showing big advances and CLosing Power Uptrend-Breaks 

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SNCR.BMP (1440054 bytes)

CROX.BMP (1440054 bytes)

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