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wpe2.jpg (6573 bytes)   Use TigerSoft to watch what Market Professionals
and Corporate Insiders are doing.

    Use TigerSoft to find the next

                                             Our buying QPSA at $1.6 was no accident!
                                     Our Selling QPSA at $13+ a year later was also no accident.
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                                             Unique TigerSoft Tools
               Tiger Power Ranker Flags Most Bullish and Bearish.
                                  How Tiger Distinguishes Public from Professional Buying
                                  How TigerSoft Measures Insider Buying and Selling
                                  How TIgerSoft Measures Professional Buying and Selling
                                   How TIgerSoft Measures Day Trading Activity

                           Wall Street versus Main Street
                           INSIDER TRADING IS RAMPANT and

     Turn this to your advantage by (1) studying our detailed history of the stock market since 1915
(2) using TigerSoft's unique indicators to see what Insiders and Professionals are buying or selling.
     (3) Buy what both Insiders and Professionals are buying when Peerless is on a general market BUY.

     Our Tiger Power Stock Ranker  and our On-Line Nightly Hotline give you a list of these stocks each night.

                            Each few months we report on the best performing stocks.
                   75% of them have the same key characteristics at the start of their take-offs:

                          8/29/2007   4/14/2008  8/24/2009  12/26/2009  3/18/2010    7/23/2010   10/29/2010   1/7/2011

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Use TigerSoft to find the next
So Many Examples: What Makes A Tiger Explosive Super Stock?
See the  same profile in other eras' Super Stocks: 2008 GTE,   2007 FSLR2006 AFAM
Year after year, they regularly show
(1) Insider Buying (Accumulation Bulges) and
(2) Surging Professional Buying (Closing Power New Highs).

                   Year after year,
the same pattern of Insider and Professional Buying, as TigerSoft
                     identifies it, precede the biggest stock advances.  Apply them when Peerless is on a Buy
                    and make big money!

Peerless Signals and the Best Stock Gainers by Year.
                          1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001,
                           2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010,

Example: Note Big Bulge in TigerSoft's Accumulation Index
before the stock advances.  This is regularly seen in these stocks..

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Only Buy stocks showing Insider Buying and Professional Buying.  In the chart below
    see the
bulges of Insider Buying.  See strength in Tiger's Professionals' Closing Power.

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                 Sample TigerSoft Insider Trading Charts of an Explosive Super Stock
      Year after year, the stocks' names change, but the Accumulation and Closing Power patterns are the same.

               Let TigerSoft find you the current stocks with this pattern.
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 Trade The Hottest Stocks with New Confidence.
                          We bought Silver at 22-23 and sold it at 47 and 44 using TigerSoft's Pro-Closing Power.   
                          Here's how, but with a different example.  

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                                                   WATCH WHAT INSIDERS ARE DOING.
      Insider Trading is Rampant Tiger Soft Insider Trading Charts Trade with the Pros.
           Tiger Power Stock Ranker       Explosive Super Stocks    Killer Short Sales   Tahiti DJIA-30 System 

                           Use TigerSoft's Insider Trading Charts To Look Beneath A Stock's Surface  

                               Iinsider Trading Is Rampant: Turn That To Your Advantage  

        SPOT IT and MAKE BIG MONEY from IT.
See if the examples here, don't convince you.
       The DJIA is now up +25% since reversing Peerless Buy of last June.   Read The TigerSoft Blog. wpe1AB.jpg (1912 bytes)   
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