Dec 31, 2009 - July 23, 2010
                      140 Trading Days.
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               Warning: We watch Closing Power closely.  When Professionals become net sellers of these stocks,
                it isusually nest to lock in the nice profits.

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See examples below:

                 Dec 31, 2009 - 7/23/2009
                         140 days

                   Over $10

           Symboils        Close           Pct.Gain              TigerSoft Automatic Signals
           IDT              17.27            +256%   B5           B12    B17  B18           B20  B24
           GRNB         11.02             +210%
           APKT          32.37            +194%           B10                                      B20
           CRUS          19.82            +190%    B9   B10          B17   B18  B19

          WNC           8.11              329%    B9     B10 B12              B18            B20   B24
          CPE             5.79              285%                       B12   B17   B18            B20   B24
          RDCM         5.61              231%                       B12   B17                     B20   B24
          IDIX            5.89              173%    B9                          B17                   B20  


   IDT              17.27            +256%   B5           B12   B17  B18       B20  B24
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   GRNB        11.02             +210%
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  APKT         32.37            +194%           B10                                  B20
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  CRUS         19.82            +190%    B9   B10       B17   B18  B19
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         Big Capitalization stocks like CRUS also need Professional Buying to propel them up.
         In this case, intense insider buying (shown from Accum. Index below) was not evident,
         but note the dramatic increase in Professional Buying (above).

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  WNC          8.11              329%    B9   B10 B12  B18  B20  B24
  See the great surge of insder buying two months before the stock exploded upwards.
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  CPE             5.79              285%                    B12 B17  B18  B20  B24
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  RDCM        5.61              231%            B12 B17           B20   B24
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  IDIX            5.89              173%    B9   B17                    B20  
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