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                    It's just not a good idea to buy a stock solely or simply because it has rising earnings.
    Earnings are often manipulated and anticipated by insiders who are privy to more information
    than the investing public.  Earnings are also subject to trend changes for a lot of reasons that
    insiders know long before the public.  Companies just don't like to talk about coming bad news.
    But that doesn't stop a company's insiders and the Wall Street Professionals that follow a
    stock closely from selling their shares to the unsuspecting Public when it is to their advantage. 
    This happens over and over.  Reading our website will give you a better sense of how
    often and what you can do about it.

              Take the case of gold miner Newmont Mining (NEM).  Since September 2010, Gold
     has risen from 124 to 137, about 10%.  If you had correctly guessed Gold would rise, it
     might have seemed a good idea to buy the world's second biggest producer of gold, NEM. 
     After all, you might say, surely the rising prices of Gold will outpace any production costs'
     increase and the stock will surely rise.  WRONG.  NEM fell from 65 to 55, a 15% loss. 

    wpeB8D5.jpg (2627 bytes)           HOW TIGERSOFT CAN HELP YOU:

                                                 3 POINTERS

             Looking beneath the surace, as only TigerSoft can do, would have helped an investor greatly.
     We teach the lessons of more than 30 years' professional software development in the stock
     market and puting on education seminars for regular stock investors: 

1) Know that false price breakouts are DANGEROUS like NEM made when it rose
    only briefly above 63 to a new all-time high and then fell back.
                          Read ... Tiger Blog - FALSE BREAKOUTS: How to Recognize Them and Profit   

                                         Spot A False Breakout before It Fails

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2)   MOST IMPPORTANT - Always watch our invention, the trend of the blue
     Tiger Professional Closing Power. 
CP broke its uptrend about the same time that NEM made
     a false breakout.
This shows that Professionals had changed their mind about the stock.  
     Our website here and our software have made this invention into a key tenet in what we
     teach,   See the Blog we wrote about this
Closing Power trend-break and the new appearance
Insider Selliing in the stock back at this time. .

October 11, 2010  What Happens When Gold Mining Stocks Get out of Step with Gold Prices.

              3)  Tiger's own Accumulaion Index showed red distribution, rather than the blue TigerSoft
     Accumulation that normally preceeds a bullish advance.

4)  Buy the highest Tiger Power-Ranked Stocks.

     Many other stocks showed much more bullish Insider Buying and Net Professional Buying
     at this time.

    For example, CAT (Caterpillar) rose more than 25% to its high 3 months later.  See its      recommendation here on 10/15/2010.
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        Or CMG (Chiptole Mexican Grill,) which we re-recommended here on 10/15/2010
        when it was $182. it hit $260 a week ago. We first recommended it below $50 at the end of 2008.
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                                                     What Gold Stock Should I Buy?

October 11, 2010       Tiger's Measurement of tnsider Buying Distinguishes The Best and Worst Gold Stocks in Advance.

                          October 6, 2009     GOLD's Breakout Past 1000/ounce into All-Time High Territory Invites Comparisons with 1970s.    

                          There were also lots of Gold and Silver stocks that looked better than NEM
            back in October 2010.   See if you can spot the insider buying and rising Professional Closing
            Power in the stocks below.  The conclusion is pretty clear.  It was not a good stock
            to buy just any well-know Gold Stock just because Gold prices have been rising and
            probably wopuld continue to rise....  TigerSoft teaches to look beneath the surface of the
            stock's trading and see what insiders and Wall Street professionals are doing.  Always
            note when there is a change in the Professional Closing Power trend from up to down.
            It means Professionals have become net sellers.

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                                                    WHY DID NEM FALL SO HARD TODAY?

                        We can only guess the real reasons.   Production costs at NEM are rising steeply,
           on a perentage basis, probably faster than the price of gold. In all of 2010, it cost NEM $260 to
           produce an ounce of gold that they marketed for $1150/ounce.  In the last quarter of 2011, it
           cost more than $500 which they sold for $1366/ounce. In addition, they warned that their
           Batu Hijau Indonesian mine would bring them less revenue, due to the Indonesian
           government's decision to penalize them for past pattern of massive pollution.

                         See 2/14/2008 Tiger Blog
Newmont's Gold Mining Brings Protests All over the World:
                          Widespread Environmental Degradation and Health Hazards:
Indonesia will terminate NEM's copper mine.

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