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   Pivot When the Market Changes Direction.  Why Fight The Pros?

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           How TigerSoft's Measures   
   Professional Buying and Selling
                 by William Schmidt, Ph.D. of www.tigersoft.com

         Here we refer to trading by financial professionals for 
            institutional accounts.    This trading is now dominated by
            Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.  It is highly computerized. 
            It can be very short-term.  Market makers are also part of
            this category, we call "professionals".

            Key public news and brokerage recommendations are
            anticipated by these well-informed professionals.   Much of
            their trading is clearly meant to manipulate prices, after
            they have taken a long or short position.  Sometimes, they
            manipulate prices to set up chart patterns.  Openings are
            sometimes rigged upwards, if they intend to "fade" them.
            Much of "professional" buying and selling is done to manipulate
            the less informed and more emotional trading done by others.
            which will, in turn effect public buying and selling. 

         Our Manuals and Nightly Hotlines greatly expand on
            on how TigerSoft measures professional buying
            and selling.  But, here we can say that there are
            several ways to recognize what professionals are
            doing in the market, which is frequently very different
            from what they are publicly saying.

            1.) Watch for well-tested trendlines.  Are prices supported
             frequently at a rising support line or a rising moving
             average. This is not accidental.  The professionals
             want to keep the trend alive.  They expect more news
             to favor the direction they are promoting.  This works
             for uptrends and downtrends.  My books show many
             examples.   Look for classic head and shoulders patterns.
             Many times, these patterns play out as technical analysis
             would lead us to expect.  Professionals can often contrive these
             patterns for their desired effect.

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2) What is The Trend of  TigerSoft's Closing Power?
             We have designed Closing Power to measure
             what professionals are doing.
  When it is buying, they
             are net Buyers.   When it is falling, they are net Sellers.
             Professionals are opportunists, not believers.  They
             swing prices one way and then change their intent and
             swing them the other,  So, we watch for trend-breaks
             in Tiger's blue Professional-Closing Power.   You can make
             a lot of money simply trading the trends of Closing Power. 
             Unless the stock market is highly speculative, with foreigners
             and the public playing a very big role, the trends of our
             Closing Power will tell you what the stock is most likelky to
             do.  Nearly every stock proves this.   TigerSoft lets you draw
             these Closing Power trendlines and place arrows where the
             trend-break occurs, so that you can let the computer show
             you the gains and losses.  Our software also lets you know
             how much of a move is required the next day to reverse the
             Closing Power trends.

Do you see how the Professional Buying turned into Selling
             in AMZN's case?   See the change of direction at the top in
             TigerSoft's Professional-Closing Power Indicator.  This
             indicator was created by TigerSoft.  Only we offer it.  It is
             a "game changer".

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             3) Watch Tiger's Automatic Buys and Sells.  When the
             computer shows that a short-term system works best and
             the gains are very substantial, assume professionals are
             probably manipulating the stock, without any else - other
             than Tiger users - being aware of it.             

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