#4  Tiger's Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2009:
               Superb Market Timing Is No Accident.  Peerless has been carefully back-tested to 1928.

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              PEERLESS STOCK MARKET TIMING: 1915-2009

  Automatic Buys and Sells on the DJI That Are Profitably
  Superimposed on Most Stocks and Indexes Anywhere.

       Our +82% Gain Trading the SP-500 since October 2008 Is Just The Beginning.  Read on!
    Editors' Note: The gain is much more now. 10/19/2009.

                            Our Peerless real-time signals are very profitable!
                           Will you know when to sell when the times comes?

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                                                           DJI 1987-1988
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                                                    1982 Bull Market's Start
                                   DJI 2007 -   Multiple Major Sells Marked The Top
                                               before the 2007-2009 Bear Market.
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