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            OBAMA - BIG PHARMA'S "BOY"

    Obama's Secret Sellouts of Consumers
                        by William Schmidt, Ph.D. - Author of www.tigersoft.com
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            Consumers outrage at Obama just shot up one more big notch.  It turns out, Obama's White House did
            meet secretly with representatives of Big Pharmaceuticals in July.  We guessed this because of
            his cavalier abandonment of the public option.  He termed it a "sliver".  He really meant it was
            an inconvenient "splinter".  It got in the way of his secret deal with the big drug companies.  Here
            is the deal they stuck, but now deny because it has leaked out and they are embarassed. 

             Huffington Post got hold of the  July 7th memo below.  In it, the White House agreed to
             oppose any congressional efforts to use the government's leverage to bargain for lower drug prices
             as would have happened with a public option or expanded Medicaire or allowing freer import
             ing of drugs drugs from Canada.  The White House, as usual, made massive secret concessions,
             in the hopes of getting "just about any health legislation that they could claim was showing that they
             are doing "something".   The White House now agree not to pursue Medicare rebates or shift some
             drugs from Medicare Part B to Medicare Part D,   which would cost Big Pharma tens of billions in
             reduced reimbursements.  In exchange, Big Pharma agreed to cut $10 billion a year in projected
             costs to Americans.  This is "chump change" to the drug companies.

             It should be noted that the Americans now pay close to $500 billion a year for these drugs.  So,
             Big Pharma gave up exactly 2% of their current revenue!    Of course, the White House now denies
             such a deal was made.  But both the LA Times and NY Times have confirmed it and the details.
             Caught in secret sellout, what else would you expect them to do?  Admit that they dealth American
             consumers' interests down the drain?    So much for Obama's promises of transparency!   Why
             should anyone trust Obama to be open and honest about pocketbook matters like this.  His support
             of banks at the expense of the taxpayers is perfectly mateched by this latest betrayal.   Worse,
             he is apparently still under the totally misguided illusion that he can keep fooling people with
             his empty rhetoric. No wonder more Americans disapproe than approve of his jpb performance.
             No wonder less than 40% of Americans believe the country is "going int he right direction:.

             Boy, did he schnooker his supporters. No wonder he won't go to areas of high unemployment
             The Democrats should be made to pay heavily for foisting con-man on the country.

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