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                   Of course, you'll want to read what's out there on the internet, about resume writing,
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Check out    See how employees rate and
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                  If Staffing companies's stocks are recovering, the economy is recovering and prospects
                  of new jobs are real.  See the current yearly TigerSoft index of Recruiting/Staffing
                  stocks.   It has clearly turned up, but its still shows negative Accumulation from
                  the Tiger indicator.  Big money is still cautious about the recovery continuing.

                  Until we see the Tiger Staffing Stock Index start making more recovery highs
                  and show some positive Accumulation, the Job Market does not looks challenging,
                  to say the least.   By the way, historical testing shows that this is a coincident indicator
                  for the general market.

                                                                      2008-2009 Recession Bottom?
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                                                                2008 - How the recession developed..
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                    US Dept. of Labor - June 5, 2009

wpe161.jpg (38365 bytes)

  The official unemployment levels vary widely from state to state, city to city and industry
to industry.... Civilian unemployment is higher,

 Nonfarm payroll employment fell by 345,000 in May, about half the
average monthly decline for the prior 6 months, the Bureau of Labor
Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor reported today.  The unem-
ployment rate continued to rise, increasing from 8.9 to 9.4 percent.
Steep job losses continued in manufacturing, while declines moderated 
in construction and several service-providing industries.

Unemployment (Household Survey Data)

   The number of unemployed persons increased by 787,000 to 14.5 million
in May, and the unemployment rate rose to 9.4 percent.  Since the start
of the recession in December 2007, the number of unemployed persons has
risen by 7.0 million, and the unemployment rate has grown by 4.5 percent-
age points.  (See table A-1.)

   Unemployment rates rose in May for adult men (9.8 percent), adult
women (7.5 percent), whites (8.6 percent), and Hispanics (12.7 percent).
The jobless rates for teenagers (22.7 percent) and blacks (14.9 percent)
were little changed over the month.  The unemployment rate for Asians was
6.7 percent in May, not seasonally adjusted, up from 3.8 percent a year
earlier.  (See tables A-1, A-2, and A-3.)

   Among the unemployed, the number of job losers and persons who completed 
temporary jobs rose by 732,000 in May to 9.5 million.  This group has in-
creased by 5.8 million since the start of the recession.   
              "Official" unemployment rose much more than expected.  
         It is now the highest since 1982.   The official unemployment 
         rate is now approaching 10%. It does not include those 
         who have given up on finding a job and those who have 
         involuntarily taken only part-time work. Just to keep up 
         with the population gains, the country needs 125,000 new jobs 
         a month.  The pain was pervasive, across almost all major 
         sectors of the economy. The consumer is tapped out.  Top-Down
         bailout spending has been sold as an aid to freeing up the 
         credit market.  But if people lose their jobs, the banks 
         won't loan them money. Taxpayer money is given to the banks
         so that they can then charge borrowers up to 30% for their
         own money.   The TOP-DOWN subsidies are the biggest scam 
         ever perpetuated on the American people. They show clearly
         that America is not a true democracy.  It is a plutocracy run
         by and for the very rich.  Both political parties take
         their orders from corporate America and Wall Street.  Marx
         would say to us now, "I told you so."

        For those still working, the pay squeeze has tightened.  
        Employers now have a large army of unemployed to hire from 
        to threaten their existing workers.

        "Over the last year, the average hourly pay of rank-and-file 
         workers – roughly 80 percent of the work force – has risen 
         only 3.4 percent, according to the new numbers. The average 
         workweek has also become shorter, so the increase in 
         weekly pay has been even smaller: only 2.8 percent.  
         Inflation has been running at about 5 percent a year, which 
         means that the most workers have taken an effective pay cut 
         over the last year".  
            See also 
             and Robert Reich's blog.  http://robertreich.blogsp
           This phenomemon of shrinking real hourly wages 
           began in the 1970s.  Meanwhile wealth has become
           more and more concentrated.  Threaten higher taxes 
           on the rich and the media crucifies you.  Succeed 
           in somehow getting legislation through the rich mans'
           Senate and getting higher taxes and the unpatriotic 
           rich quickly hide their money in the Caymans, Bermuda 
           or Switzerland.  Don't look for economic justice in
           the US anytime soon.  You have to fend for yourself.
           And TigerSoft will help you.   r.

              Wall Street Bankers as Puppet-Master.
                      puppets.jpg (40492 bytes)

          That the leading Democrats caved in so quickly to the Paulson - Goldman Sachs -
         Bernanke bankers' bailout last Fall and without a public hearing,  proves several things: 

        1) They, like Obama, have no back-bones and will not stand up for rank and file Americans
        against their Wall Street masters, 

        2) They can be suckered twice (the first being Bush's assurances that Iraq had nuclear 
        weapons and was harboring Al Qida) 

        3) They are every bit as much the puppets of Wall Street as most Republicans.  

        All you have to do is look at who the advisers & backers of both McCain and Obama are 
        to see that Wall Street is the master puppeteer and Obama and McCain are both taking 
        their swings and jabs at each other as only puppets can.  Obama's pro-banker policies
        are very clear now.  He will not order an investigation into the financial collapse.  He tells
        us Wall Street broke no laws, without an investigation.  He sets out the Federal Reserve
        to be the new regulator of the financial industry!  They are not even a public body.  They
        are comprised of bankers.  Clearly, they did next to nothing to prevent the Collapse,
        even though outside economists warned them about what was about to happen.

        With fear on the rise, it would be well to look at 1929-1938 and 1973-1982 to see how 
         bear markets play out.  That is what our Peerless Stock Market Timing does. 

    Each day our Peerless software gives major Buys and Sells on the general market using
    the DJI.  The system is back-tested to 1915  Most stocks will move up and down with it.
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           1974 Was A Year When Distrust of Presidency Was Very High.
           It was the year of Nixon's impeachment.

wpe115.jpg (61622 bytes)

          Obama seems to have the backbone of a jellyfish.  So, it's up 
      to you to make the best of this sad and bad situation.  Get TigerSoft 
      and we will help you.   And make your vote in November count for something.    

      As you know, too many jobs are being exported because of how the current 
        Republican Administration protects corporate profits not American jobs.
     See -  
      Sadly, Obama's stance seems vague, shifty and guarded, ibutions! 

        Obama Continues The Cover-Up

          The official rate of unemployment is pure malarkey. 
               Just as the real rate of inflation is.  Did you know that when 
                you have not been working for more than 6 months, the 
               Federal Government no longer counts you as unemployed!.  
               You still have bills to pay. You do what millions do:  
               You take part-time, low-paying, less paying jobs.  
               You drop your health insurance and stop going to the
               Doctors for checkups!   Real wages, are a better measure 
               of the real state of  jobs in the US.  Recent numbers 
               are not available.  They are too embarrassing!  But 
              despite big increases in productivity,   real wages have been 
              declining since 1973. 
"           wpe162.jpg (5734 bytes)        
          June 30, 2009
          The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index™, which had 
          improved considerably in May, retreated in June. The Index 
          now stands at 49.3 (1985=100), down from 54.8 in May. The 
          Present Situation Index decreased to 24.8 from 29.7. The
          Expectations Index declined to 65.5 from 71.5 in May.
          The Consumer Confidence SurveyTM is based on a 
          representative sample of 5,000 U.S. households. 
          The monthly survey is conducted for The Conference Board 
          by TNS. TNS is the world’s largest custom research company.  
                         Job Outsourcing

                                  Job off-shoring and the illegal misuse of temporaries continue unabated.  Anti-unions
                      companies like Walmart, Hewlett Packard and Cannon should be investigated.  But they|
                      are not.  IT outsourcing to India and now China is negatively impacting Americans with a 
                      college education now.    See how a leading outsourcing  company Hewitt Associates, HEW, 
                      remains in a strong uptrend despite the bear market elsewhere.

                                  3.3 million jobs will be exported in less than 15 years, according to recent report by 
                       Forrester Research. But the sheer size of the exodus isn't what's worrying analysts the most 
                       — it's the type of jobs: software development, customer service, accounting, back-office 
                       support, product development and other white collar endeavors.
                                         See - 
Projected Number of U.S. Jobs to Move Overseas

Management: Number of jobs moving overseas by 2015:  288,281
Business: Number of jobs moving overseas by 2015:  348,028
Computer: Number of jobs moving overseas by 2015:  472,632
Architecture: Number of jobs moving overseas by 2015:  184,347
Life sciences: Number of jobs moving overseas by 2015:  36,770
Legal: Number of jobs moving overseas by 2015:  76,642
Art, design: Number of jobs moving overseas by 2015:  29,564
Sales: Number of jobs moving overseas by 2015:  226,564
Office: Number of jobs moving overseas by 2015:  1,659,310

                                  U.S. workers are used to seeing manufacturing jobs lost to much lower wages,
                        according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the International Labour Organization,
                        U.S. manufacturing average hourly compensation is $21.33, in Mexico: $2.38 and in
                        China less than one dollar an hour. It should be noted that while salaries are much lower
                         in India and other BPO hot spots, that does not mean that the companies are providing
                         inadequate compensation — the cost of living is significantly lower in India. However, as
                         both THE TIMES OF INDIA and THE ECONOMIST have recently noted, some jobs
                         are in turn leaving India for even cheaper locales. And where are those jobs going? Some are
                         heading to China, Russia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and the Czech Republic.
                        In short, they are moving toward cheaper labor costs than those in India.

Salary Comparisons: US vs India

Software Programmer, United States:  $66,100
Software Programmer, India:  $10,000
Mechanical Engineer, United States:  $55,600
Mechanical Engineer, India:  $5,900
IT Manager, United States:  $55,000
IT Manager, India:  $8,500
Accountant, United States:  $41,000
Accountant, India:  $5,000
Financial Operations, United States:  $37,625
Financial Operations, India:  $5,500

                                    wpe115.jpg (60569 bytes)

                                                Outsourcing - The Destruction of American Workers

                               Some say this is what should be expected in a culture dominated by a "bought-and-paid-for"
                     Government when corporate and CEO Greed reaches levels many consider treason.   A Reagan
                     Assistant Secty. of  Treasury says that a bleak trend is afoot.  High tech development and
                     manufacturing is increasingly being outsourced.  "The highly skilled US work force
                     is being gradually transformed into the domestic service workforce characteristic of third world
                     economies. " Source.   Take Florida for example.  "Between 2001 and 2007, 100,900 Florida
                     jobs were outsourced to various employers in China. In 2007 alone, 17,000 jobs were sent overseas
                     to the country. This is even more significant due to the recent report that says that Florida has lost
                     over 74,700 jobs since June of 2007 and June of 2008, according to the Miami Herald.  Of the jobs
                     lost to China, 31 percent were previously held by Floridian workers that had at least one college
                     degree. Those who lost their jobs due to outsourcing reported making, on average, $8,146 a year
                     less with their new employers."   Source.
                                                               wpe115.jpg (8606 bytes)

                     The TigerSoft chart of Placement and Staffing Stocks is testing is recent lows.  Though this
                     Index tops out ahead of the Job market, it acts mostly as a coincident indicator at bottoms.


                                                  Tech Stocks Have Weakened Again

                                   Use TigerSoft to spot the trends in the NASDAQ-100 (QQQQ).
                              Right now the QQQQ is weakening as it responds to a red Tiger Sell
                              signal.   The weekly report I do for Elite Subscribers Professionals (ESP)
                              can find very, very few tech stocks, other than in biotechnology, that
                              look very good.  Most are weakening as the economy slips into what looks
                              like a long recession.  The outlook is not good because of the size of the
                              US deficits (governmental and trade) and because Republicans' greed
                              and ideology, coupled with Obama's timidity,. will deny the country what
                              it so badly needs, a massive public works' program to rebuild our infrastucture
                              to make for brighter and more productive future.   

                                                     High Tech Heavy - NASDAQ-100  10/3/2008

wpe115.jpg (67192 bytes)


                 6/30/20098    Best Performing NASDAQ-100 Stocks:
                 Up   20% or More in Last 3 Months

                                           Other high Accummulation, Strong Stocks - 6/30/2009                                                   



                        Additional Job Search Links:

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                      US DoL's Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), 2008-09 Edition
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                     new college graduates in 2007-08

              -  World's Largest listing of jobs with socially responsible companies

              -        Work with a reputable professional recruiter.   See  


             -       TigerSoft's Best performing US stocks of the last 12 months - Quarterly study -

                       Executive recruiting outook.6/3/2008


                                   Tiger Staffing Index Shows A Bear Market.
                                    Let's Hope It's Not Too Long.
                                 The Credit Crunch Is Not Over:  5/7/2008. 5/1/2008  4/9/2008    4/7/2008

                                                                 Seeking A Bottom

                                There is some good news.  Tech companies are doing better than most.  IBM is
                            close to its 12-month highs and AAPLE is near its highs.  The Democrats
                            typcially do better for tech stocks than Republicans do.  So, perhaps, there will
                            be a significant change in the policies espoused by next year's White House occupant.
                            Perhaps, CEOs will take some of the bundle of money they have been taking from
                            the companies they run and share it with their workers and their consumers.
                            If they don't, the pressures to replace them all, will keep building like a volcano.

                               So, if you're an enginner or have a tech specialty, take heart.  And you can use
                            our software to find the best in this area and make contacts with the companies
                            whose stocks are behaving  most favorably.
  Since our software measures internal
                            (volume and relative strength), we can easily inspect the NASDAQ-100 stocks to see which
                            seem positioned to perform best over the next 6 months.  This is the function of Tiger's Power-Ranker. 

                             The top  TigerSoft Power Ranked stocks in NASDAQ-100,
                       as of 5/30/2008 with charts, as of 7/31/2008

                                                  The list of the Recruiting Companies that comprise the above index.

                        Typically the Tiger Index of publicly traded recruiting firms tops out ahead of the
                  general market, sometimes by as much as 18 months as happened between 1998 and 2000.
                  Back last Summer (2007) I wrotw that this "
means unless this index turns up dramatically
                 quite soon, there will be a profound economic slow-down in 2008-2009." 
Of course, many
                 jobs in the US are being shifted overseas r turned over to temporary agencies so that the
                 hiring companies can avoid paying their workers benefits.  In fact, some of these outsourcing
                 firms are clear uptrends.  See the strong uptrend of HEW (Hewitt Associates)
  Until this
                 pernicious trend is reversed I don't see how the US can avoid a lasting recession.  In the
                 end, the bull market of the 1920's turned into a Depression because workers' pay was not high
                enough to buy what was being manufactured.  This is the "under-consumption" explanation of
                the Great Depression.   See -   

                                                          No Bottom Yet
                                                        Texas Has The Most New Jobs

                                                The Job Market Continues To Be Tight.
                                           Employers slashed 80,000 jobs in March. This was the most in five years
                                and the third straight month of losses. The "official" US unemployment rate rose
                                from 4.8 percent to 5.1 percent.  Clearly the economy is slipping into recession. 
                                See   Not only that oil prices
                                are very high and as the Dollar is falling at an annualized 12% a year, making
                                imports more expensive.  But the Dollar's decline is also boosting US exports.
                                And our index of Staffing Stocks, shown below, has not recently made a new
                                low and has even broke its downtrend.  So the job market may start to improve.

             Job-Outsourcing Continues Unabated!
                         Strong Up-Trend seen in stock of outsourcer Hewitt Associates (HEW)
             Clearly companies are rushing to use this companies' services.  Full time jobs with benefits
             are getting harder and harder to find.  Use a Recuiter (see list at bottom of page) and TigerSoft
             to give you an edge if you're looking for a new and better job in the US!  See how the bulge
            of insider buying in October told us correctly that this stock would go higher. 

What You Can Do To Help Yourself

                               Demand that the candidates running for public office support decent wages
            and an end ot outsourcing of jobs and jobs with full benefits, not contract and temporary
            work.  If the CEOs lowered their obscenely high pay, the companies could afford to
            pay their workers decent wages and the US recession would quickly disappear.

           Focus Job Search and Buying of Stocks on Strongest Sectors.                                                    5/18/2008

                   I previously suggested on focusing on stocks making new highs if you are a job-seeker.
            But today there were NO new highs on the NYSE.  Instead, if you are a job seeker or stock
            trader, I would focus on the industries that are doing best.  TigerSoft lets you rank by price performance
            the Fidelity Sector funds and also Sector ETFs.  TigerSoft lets you see which industry goups are strongest
            for, say, the last 100 days.  Here are the Fidelity Sector and Sector FTFs rankings.  You can see
            the particular stocks that the ETFs and Fidelity Sector funds have positions in.

                         Strongest Fidelity Sector Funds for The Last 100 trading says, 5/27/2008
                    Sector                         Gain     Biggest Stock Positions.  (Look up their symbols on Yahoo.)
                    -----------                   -----     ------------------------
   FSNGX    Natural Gas                 +9%  KWK, RRC, VLO, UPL, PXP, EOG, XTO, RIG, DYN, CHK
   FNARX   Natural Resources      +6%   XOM, SLB, NOV, VLO, BTU, COP, CNX, RIG, XTO, WMB
   FSCHX    Chemicals
   FSDPX     Industrial Materials    +6%
   FSENX     Energy                       +6%
   FSESX      Energy Services         +4%
         Strongest ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) Sectors for The Last 100 trading says, 5/27/2008

         GAZ  +47%  The fund is designed to reflect the performance of natural gas.
         UNG +47%  The trust will invest in futures contracts on natural gas traded on the NYMEX that is the near month contract to expire..
         DBE  +37%  The index is a rules-based index composed of futures contracts on some of the most heavily traded energy commodities in the world— Light Sweet Crude Oil (WTI), Heating Oil, Brent Crude Oil, RBOB gasoline and Natural Gas.
         JJE    +37% The index is composed of four futures contracts, crude oil, heating oil, natural gas and unleaded gasoline.
         USL  +35% light, sweet crude oil
         DBO +33% Light Sweet Crude Oil
         OIL +33%  The investment is linked to the performance of the Goldman Sachs Crude Oil Return Index and reflects the returns that are potentially available through an unleveraged investment in the futures contacts comprising the index plus the Treasury Bill rate of interest that could be earned on funds committed to the trading of the underlying contracts.
         RJN +33%   6 energy commodity futures contracts.
         USO +32% he fund will invest in futures contracts for WTI light, sweet crude oil, other types of crude oil, heating oil, gasoline, natural gas and other petroleum based-fuels that are traded on exchanges.
         UCR +28% West Texas Intermediate crude oil.
         GSC +27% the S&P GSCI Enhanced Commodity Total Return Strategy Index.
         DBC +26% The index commodities are light, sweet crude oil, heating oil, aluminum, gold, corn and wheat.
         GSP +26% Commodities
         SLX +26%  The fund will invest at least 80% of assets in common stocks and ADRs of companies involved
in the steel industry.

           It is probably a good idea to avoid companies whose stocks are down sharply in the last, say,
           100 trading days.
  The weakest Fidelity Sector Funds can give you an idea of areas to avoid. 
           18 of the 43 Fidelity Select funds are down 15% or more.  So, you have to be selective in job search. 
           On other hand, when trading, the weakest sectors and industries have given us very profitable
           short sales.

                       Weakest Fidelity Sector Funds  - 100 Days Ending 5/18/2008

                             Air Transport  -26%
                             Medical            -21%
                             Insurance         -19%
                             Health Care    -16%
                             Home Finance -14%

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                    Customers have asked:

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         (2) whether they should give up their "day job"
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        (3) how to use TigerSoft to see what companies
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Look below to see some of the strongest stocks in
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This page should help answer more fully each of these
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            Commodities, gold, silver and now oil have done very well and we have recommended them to our
        subscribers.  So, there is nearly always a new trend developing somewhere to trade.  And we
        can give you the tools to trade very profitably,

            The single best thing you can do in looking for a job, is to contact an employer whose business
        is expanding quickly. 
That is when they are most eager to hire talented and energetic people,
        like you!  So, study the lists of best performing stocks in your area and below.  Realize that stock
        prices anticipate earnings' growth.  A burst of hiring tends to coincide with the beginning of a
        sharp rise in stock prices.  As you can see from this website, our Tiger Software is particularly
        adept at finding these growth companies.   So look at the tables we show.  And consider getting
        our Tiger program to guard the money you do have now and also to maximize the potential for
        investment gains now. 


-                                                   JOBS'  REPORT
                   The Conference Board's  Help-Wanted Advertising Index
               ( )

                    Help Wanted OnLine Data by region of the US. Please go to 

                  Internet job advertising has served as an increasingly effective substitute for newspaper advertising
                   in recent years. Instead of relying on the Help Wanted Index shown below, I suggest paying
                   more attention to the Tiger Index of Recruitment and Placement Firms' Stocks


May 29, 2008              wpeF6.jpg (5279 bytes)  This report is being phased out

The Conference Board Help-Wanted Advertising Index was unchanged in April. The Index remains at 19, the same level as in March, but down 10 points from one year ago."In the last three months, help-wanted advertising declined in all nine U.S. regions. Steepest declines occurred in the New England (-26.8%), South Atlantic (-20.5%) and Pacific (-19.8%) regions.  (Source: )

Online Advertised Job Vacancies Report        

  • Online advertised vacancies dropped 579,000 from May 2007 to May 2008
  • Demand for employees fell in all areas of the country

In May 2008, there were 3,795,400 online advertised job vacancies, a decline of 579,000 or 13.2 percent from the May 2007 level, according to The Conference Board Help-Wanted OnLine Data Series™ (HWOL) released today. This is the third consecutive month of declines for the nation as a whole (year-over-year). In May, there were 2.5 advertised vacancies posted online for every 100 persons in the labor force, down from a high of 2.9 in May 2007.

"May shows a slight recovery from the large April decline, but overall the number of online advertised vacancies has been on a downward trend for the past several months. The demand for labor will likely be sluggish this summer," said Gad Levanon, economist at The Conference Board. "This lackluster job outlook is clearly a contributing factor in consumer confidence shrinking to its lowest point in nearly two decades, as reported by The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Survey."


  • 2,743,700 new online ads posted in May
  • All nine Census Regions post over-the-year declines in labor demand

In May, 2,743,700 of the 3,795,400 unduplicated online advertised vacancies were new ads that did not appear in April, while the remainder are reposted ads from the previous month. In May, a month expected to show a seasonal increase in labor demand, the number of total online advertised vacancies increased by 145,500 or 4 percent while new ads rose by 152,200 or 6 percent from April. However, the vulnerable labor demand is clear in the May year-over-year numbers where total ads fell 13.2 percent and new ads fell 2.5 percent.

The monthly national increase in advertised vacancies between April and May '08 reflected marginal increases in ads in all nine Census regions. However, online advertised vacancies in each of the nine Census regions were below last year's May levels.


  • Alaska posts the highest ads rate in the country for the ninth month in a row
  • Wyoming leads the nation with the lowest supply/demand rate

The number of advertised vacancies declined from May 2007 to May 2008 in 43 states (compared to 44 states in April 2008), and all the states experienced a slowing in the year-over-year growth rate. The April employment data released by the BLS indicates that 43 of the 50 states also experienced a slowing in their year-over-year growth rate of employment.

States where job seekers are continuing to see a large number of advertised vacancies include Alaska, Nevada and Colorado. Alaska posted 4.98 online advertised vacancies for every 100 persons in the state labor force, the highest rate in the nation. Alaska has held the number one position for nine months in a row. Nevada (4.17) and Colorado (4.14) were close behind in the number of advertised vacancies when adjusted for the size of the state labor force. Half of the top 10 states with the highest ads rate are west of the Mississippi and in addition to Alaska, Nevada and Colorado, include Arizona (3.74) and Washington (3.57). The remaining states were on the East Coast and include Delaware (3.90), Massachusetts (3.89), Maryland (3.77), Vermont (3.75) and Connecticut (3.55).

Online advertised vacancies in California, the state with the largest labor force in the nation, totaled 505,700 in May. The ad volume in California dropped by nearly 200,000 ads, 28 percent below the May 2007 level. The volume of online advertised vacancies in Texas (319,600) was down 13 percent and ads in New York (264,800) were down 16 percent from year ago levels.




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                                                      wpeC.jpg (16933 bytes)
         3)   1/4/2007  - "Green Companies" are now favored with crude oil up to $100.  
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          wpe30.jpg (49024 bytes)

         ============================ AKEENA SOLAR ================================
          wpe31.jpg (60899 bytes)
          News 1-2-2008   
Akeena Solar (nasdaq: AKNS - news - people ) soared 43.8%, or $3.49, to close at $11.45
          after the solar power systems designer announced it penned a licensing agreement with Suntech Power
          (nyse: STP - news - people ) to distribute its Andalay home solar panel system in Europe, Japan and Australia.

Stocks Making New Highs: 12/12/2007

               A good tip for job seekers and independent recruiters is to look at the published new highs and lows.
           Go to
           Make a list of the symbols and check them at Yahoo Finance to see which companies are near you and
           do work in a field you may have skills in.  Use

                    Look at the NYSE list and the NASDAQ list below to get an idea about how this works.  Some
           days there are a lot more than on other days.  Now the stock market has "narrowed".  Only
           a small number of stocks are making new highs.  The fact that they are making new highs means
           their prospects are considered very good by investors.  That means that there is a good
           chance they may be hiring now, perhaps, in the near future.  There is a problem, though.  At this
           time most of the stocks are in energy rleated industries.  This is more true for the stocks making
           new highs on the NYSE.   If you are interested on high tech jobs, you may want to look at the
           stocks on the NASDAQ making new highs.  A higher percentage of NASDAQ stocks are in
           high tech fields.

                NYSE New Highs

Celanese Corp. 1601 West LBJ Freeway Dallas, TX 75234-6034 Phone: 972-443-4000
                                               Web Site:  Celanese Corporation engages in the production
                                                and sale of industrial chemicals primarily in North America, Europe, and Asia. The
                                                company operates through four segments: Chemical Products, Technical Polymers
                                                Ticona, Acetate Products, and Performance Products. 8900 employees.

                    Covance Inc. 210 Carnegie Center Princeton, NJ 08540 Phone: 609-452-4440 Fax: 609-452-4769
                                               Web Site:  Covance, Inc., a drug development services
                                               company, provides early-stage and late-stage product development services to the
                                               pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries worldwide. Its early stage
                                               development services include preclinical services, such as toxicology services, and
                                               pharmaceutical chemistry and related services; and clinical pharmacology services,
                                               including first-in-human trials of new pharmaceuticals. 7300 employees

                    DynCorp International Inc 3190 Fairview Park Drive Suite 350 Falls Church, VA 22042
                                               Phone: 571-722-0210 Fax: 571-722-0252  Web Site:
                                               DynCorp International, Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides defense, technical,
                                               and government outsourced solutions worldwide. The company operates in two
                                               segments, Government Services (GS), and Maintenance and Technical Support Services
                                               (MTSS). 14,600 employees.

                    EOG Resources, Inc. 1111 Bagby Sky Lobby 2 Houston, TX 77002 Phone: 713-651-7000
                                              Fax: 713-651-6995 Web Site:   EOG Resources, Inc.,
                                               together with its subsidiaries, engages in the exploration, development, production,
                                               and marketing of natural gas and crude oil.  
1,570 employees.

                    Flowers Foods Inc. 1919 Flowers Circle Thomasville, GA 31757 Phone: 229-226-9110 Fax: 229-225-3816
                                              Web Site: Flowers Foods, Inc. produces and markets
                                               bakery products in the United States. 7,800 employees.

                   Foundation Coal Holdings Inc. 999 Corporate Boulevard Suite 300 Linthicum Heights, MD 21090-2227
                                             United States - Map Phone: 410-689-7500 Web Site:
                                             Foundation Coal Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages in the extraction, cleaning,
                                             and sale of coal from surface and deep mines to electric utilities, steel companies, coal brokers,
                                             and industrial users primarily in the United States.  3.150 employees.

                    Plains Exploration & Production Company 700 Milam Street  Suite 3100 Houston, TX 77002
                                            Phone: 713-579-6000 Fax: 713-579-6500 Web Site:
                                            Plains Exploration & Production Company engages in the acquisition, development,
                                            exploitation, exploration, and production of oil and gas properties in the United States.
                                            610 employees.

                    Triple-S Management Corp. 1441 FD Roosevelt Avenue San Juan, PR 00920 Phone: 787-749-4949
                                             Web Site:  Triple-S Management Corporation operates in the
                                              insurance industry in Puerto Rico. The company, through its subsidiaries, provides health
                                              benefits services to subscribers through contracts with hospitals, physicians, dentists,
                                              laboratories, and other organizations; and underwrites life and accident and health insurance
                                              policies, and the administration of annuity contracts. 2.250 employees.

                    Ultra Petroleum Corp. 363 North Sam Houston Parkway East  Suite 1200  Houston, TX 77060
                                             Phone: 281-876-0120  Fax: 281-876-2831 Web Site:
                                             Ultra Petroleum Corp. engages in the development, production, operation, exploration,
                                             and acquisition of oil and natural gas properties primarily in the Green River Basin, southwest
                                             Wyoming and Bohai Bay, offshore China.  68 employees.

              NASDAQ New Highs  

Art's-Way Manufacturing Co. Inc.  5556 Highway 9 PO Box 288 Armstrong, IA 50514
                                           Phone: 712-864-3131  Fax: 712-864-3154  Web Site:
                                           Art's-Way Manufacturing Co., Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages in the manufacture
                                           and sale of farm machinery in the United States and internationally.  90 employees.

                      wpe3FA.jpg (66316 bytes)

                 Centrue Financial Corp.  122 West Madison Street  Ottawa, IL 61350    Phone: 815-431-2720
                                          Fax: 815-434-3160  Web Site:   398 employees.
                                          As it turns out, this is a stock that we recommended recently.   It illustrates what
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                   wpe3F9.jpg (66442 bytes)

                    EMCORE Corp. 10420 Research Road SE  Albuquerque, NM 87123  Phone: 505-332-5000
                                         Fax: 505-332-5038  Web Site:
                                         EMCORE Corporation engages in the design, manufacture, and marketing of the
                                         compound semiconductor-based products for the broadband, fiber optic, satellite,
                                         and solar power markets worldwide. It operates in two segments, Fiber Optics and
                                         Photovoltaics.   750 employees.
                   Incyte Corporation   Experimental Station Route 141  Henry Clay Road Building E 336
                                        Wilmington, DE 19880  Phone: 302-498-6700  Fax: 650-855-0572
                                        Web Site:  Incyte Corporation is a drug discovery and
                                        development company, which focuses on developing proprietary small molecule drugs
                                        to treat human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), diabetes, oncology, and inflammation diseases.
                                        168 employees.

                  MGI Pharma Inc.  5775 West Old Shakopee Road  Suite 100     Bloomington, MN 55437
                                        Phone: 952-346-4700  Fax: 952-346-4800  Web Site:
                                        MGI PHARMA, INC., a biopharmaceutical company, engages in the discovery,
                                        acquisition, development, and commercialization of proprietary pharmaceutical products
                                        in the areas of oncology and acute care in the United States.  540 employees.

                   NetManage Inc.  20883 Stevens Creek Boulevard  Cupertino, CA 95014 Phone: 408-973-7171
                                       Fax: 408-257-6405  Web Site:
                                       NetManage, Inc. develops and markets software and service solutions that enable
                                       customers to access the corporate business applications, processes, and data.
                                       215 employees. Stock jumped up today.  Longer description of company:
                                 215 employees.

                    Nextest Systems Corp. 875 Embedded Way  San Jose, CA 95138  Phone: 408-960-2400
                                      Fax: 408-960-7660  Web Site: Nextest Systems Corporation
                                      engages in the design, development, manufacture, sale, and service of automatic test
                                      equipment (ATE) systems for the semiconductor industry.  229 employees.

                     Power Medical Interventions, Inc. 2021 Cabot Boulevard West Langhorne, PA 19047
                                     Phone: 267-775-8100  Fax: 267-775-8123  Web Site:
                                      Power Medical Interventions, Inc., a medical device company, designs, manufactures,
                                      and markets the SurgASSIST platform of Intelligent Surgical Instruments.   133 employees.

                   Rofin-Sinar Technologies Inc. 40984 Concept Drive Plymouth, MI 48170  Phone: 734-455-5400
                                     Fax: 734-455-5450 Web Site:   Rofin-Sinar Technologies, Inc.
                                     engages in the design, development, engineering, manufacture, and marketing of industrial
                                     lasers and supplies used for material processing applications worldwide. 1609 employees.

                   Repligen Corp.  41 Seyon Street Building 1  Suite 100 Waltham, MA 02453 Phone: 781-250-0111
                                    Fax: 781-250-0115  Web Site:   Repligen Corporation, a
                                    biopharmaceutical company, engages in the research and development of therapeutics
                                    for the treatment of central nervous system diseases.  45 employees.

                   Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  4520 East-West Highway  Suite 300 Bethesda, MD 20814
                                   Phone: 301-961-3400 Fax: 301-961-3440 Web Site:
                                   Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a pharmaceutical company, focuses on the discovery,
                                   development, and commercialization of drugs based on prostones. It develops prostones
                                   for the treatment of gastrointestinal, respiratory, vascular, and central nervous system diseases
                                   and disorders.  51 employees.

     4) Contact the Companies in Your Area whose Stocks:

              a) Are Showing High Accumulation because Insiders Expect the Stock To Rally.
              b) Are making New Highs,
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                              See also 
8/29/2007 Staffing Stocks Give A Glimpse into Stock Market's Future.

                        When companies slow down or stop hiring, it shows that they are not confident of
                         of the business outlook.  Historically, many of the staffing companies top out months
                         or even a year ahead of a big general market turn down. 

                             See also 
4/7/2007 Jobs Report belied by Weakening Recruiting Firms.
                       Weak Dollar and Weak Housing Stocks Are Clear Warnings that we are late in this| Economic Cycle. 
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                        Peerless Stock Market Timing, so that you will be advised when the next major Sell is occurring and a
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                             See also  11/1/2007 Ranking of the San Diego stocks since July 2006 Bottom 
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 Report 12/12/2007  
             Best Performing San Diego Companies
                               None made new high today.
                   Here are top 4 based on performance for the last 100 trading days

     ISIS - Isis Pharmaceutics  +96.2%
274 employees   1896 Rutherford Road  Carlsbad, CA 92008-7208
                           Phone: 760-931-9200   Fax: 760-603-2700  Web Site:            
                           Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, engages in RNA-based drug discovery
                           and development for its product pipeline and for its partners. The company commercialized an
                           antisense drug, Vitravene, to treat CMV retinitis in AIDS patients. 

    NUVA - NuVasive   +55.3%  

                          NuVasive, Inc.  4545 Towne Centre Court  San Diego, CA 92121 Phone: 858-909-1800
                          Fax: 858-909-2085  Web Site:   NuVasive, Inc., a medical device
                          company, engages in the design, development, and marketing of products for the surgical
                          treatment of spine disorders. Its products are used in applications for spine fusion surgery.
                          233 employees

   SQNM - Sequenom  +44.8%
Sequenom Inc.  3595 John Hopkins Court  San Diego, CA 92121 Phone: 858-202-9000
                         Fax: 858-202-9001  Web Site:   Sequenom, Inc. provides genetic
                         analysis products and services that translate genomic science into solutions for the biomedical
                         research, molecular medicine, agricultural, and non-invasive prenatal testing markets.
                        123 employees

   DOCX - Document Sciences  +39.1%
Document Sciences Corp.   5958 Priestly Drive  Carlsbad, CA 92008   Phone: 760-602-1400
                        Fax: 760-602-1450   Web Site:   392  employees
                        Document Sciences Corporation engages in the development, marketing, and support of
                        dynamic content publishing software products and services used in the print and transactional
                        Web-based applications.


  - 10/8/2007
             San Diego Companies Showing High Insider Buying/Accumulation, October 8, 2007
                                Accelrys Inc.
                                10188 Telesis Court
                                Suite 100
                                San Diego, CA 92121
                                United States - Map
                                Phone: 858-799-5000 - Fax: 858-799-5100
                                Web Site:
                       Accelrys, Inc. engages in the design, development, marketing, and support of software-based
                       solutions that facilitate the discovery and development of new and improved products and
                       processes in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, petrochemical, and material industries.                        

                wpe1B.jpg (65192 bytes)

   Report    9/21/2007

San Diego Companies Making New Highs on Friday, September 21, 2007

            1.          CUB  Cubic Corp
9333 Balboa Avenue
                                 San Diego, CA 92123
                                 Phone: 858-277-6780
                                 Web Site:   6,000 employees
                     Cubic Corporation engages in the design, development, manufacture, and installation of
                    defense electronics and transportation fare collection systems

wpe13.jpg (59308 bytes)
           2.        ISIS Pharmaceuticals  - ISIS
  274 employees
                                    1896 Rutherford Road
                                     Carlsbad, CA 92008-7208
                                     Phone: 760-931-9200
                                     Fax: 760-603-2700
                                     Web Site:
                           Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, engages in RNA-based drug discovery and development for its product pipeline and for its partners. The company commercialized an antisense drug, Vitravene, to treat CMV retinitis in AIDS patients. Isis Pharmaceuticals and its partners have approximately 17 drugs in development principally in Phase I and Phase II clinical trials. Its drug development programs are focused on treating cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. The company's partners are developing drugs for cancer, and inflammatory and other diseases. Isis Pharmaceuticals is also developing and commercializing the Ibis T5000 Biosensor System, a system to identify infectious organisms. The company has strategic alliances/collaboration agreements/licensing agreements with Symphony GenIsis, Inc.; The Ludwig Institute; Pfizer, Inc.; Amgen, Inc.; Eli Lilly and Company; Merck & Co., Inc.; Achaogen, Inc.; Antisense Therapeutics Limited; Atlantic Healthcare (UK) Limited; iCo Therapeutics, Inc.; ImQuest Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; OncoGenex Technologies, Inc.; Sarissa, Inc.; Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Ercole Biotech, Inc.; Rosetta Genomics, Ltd.; Santaris Pharma A/S; Archemix Corp.; and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. Isis Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1989 and is based in Carlsbad, California.

                       3. NUVA -          NuVasive, Inc.   (7/31/2008 - Up 20 points since this was written in October.)
                                                  4545 Towne Centre Court
                                                  San Diego, CA 92121
                                                  Phone: 858-909-1800
                                                  Fax: 858-909-2085
                                                  Web Site:
                              NuVasive, Inc., a medical device company, engages in the design, development, and
         marketing of products for the surgical treatment of spine disorders. Its products are used in applications
         for spine fusion surgery.
wpeC.jpg (61500 bytes)                       
                  4.      Gen-Probe  - GPRO
Gen-Probe Inc.
                            10210 Genetic Center Drive
                            San Diego, CA 92121
                            Phone: 858-410-8000   Fax: 858-410-8625
                            Web Site:  925 employees

                      Gen-Probe Incorporated develops, manufactures, and markets nucleic acid probe-based products used
for the clinical diagnosis of human diseases, screening donated human blood, and detection of harmful organisms in
the environment and in industrial processes. It develops nucleic acid testing that enables detection of microorganisms.
The company markets a portfolio of products that use company's technologies to detect various infectious microorganisms,
including those causing sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, strep throat, pneumonia, and fungal infections. I

wpe14.jpg (66675 bytes)
                5.      Illimina Inc    - ILMN
                             885 Towne Centre Drive
                             San Diego, CA 92121
                             Phone: 858-202-4500 - Fax: 858-587-4297
                             Web Site:   596 employees

wpe15.jpg (63761 bytes)
                     6.      Invitrogen - IVGN
Invitrogen Corp.
                                 1600 Faraday Avenue
                                 Carlsbad, CA 92008
                                 Phone: 760-603-7200
                                 Fax: 760-602-6500
                                 Web Site:    4,835 employees
                          Invitrogen Corporation engages in the development, manufacture, and marketing of research tools in reagent, kit, and applications forms for the life sciences research, drug discovery, and diagnostics customers, as well as biological products manufacturers. It operates in two segments, BioDiscovery and Cell Culture Systems. The BioDiscovery segment provides functional genomics, cell biology, and drug discovery product lines. The functional genomics product line includes the research tools used in reagent and kit forms that simplify and improve gene acquisition, gene cloning, gene expression, and gene analysis techniques. It also offers various enzymes, nucleic acids, other biochemicals, and reagents; and software through that enables analysis and interpretation of genomic, proteomic, and other biomolecular data for application in pharmaceutical, therapeutic, and diagnostic development. In addition, this segment provides antibodies and proteins, and magnetic beads used for biological separation. The Cell Culture Systems segment offers sera, growth factors, cell, and tissue culture media used in life sciences research, as well as in the production of pharmaceuticals and other materials made through cultured cells. It also offers services, which include the creation of stable cell lines and the optimization of production processes used for the production of therapeutic drugs. In addition, this segment manufactures biologics on behalf of its clients for use in clinical trials and for the worldwide commercial market. The company markets its products directly, and through distributors or agents in approximately 70 countries. It has a strategic collaboration agreement with IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. for the distribution and development of new products for the water testing industry. Invitrogen was founded in 1987 and is based in Carlsbad, California.

wpe17.jpg (61831 bytes)

           7.      NuVasive - NUVA
NuVasive, Inc.
                                   4545 Towne Centre Court
                                   San Diego, CA 92121
                                   Phone: 858-909-1800
                                   Fax: 858-909-2085
                                   Web Site:   233 empoloyees
                           NuVasive, Inc., a medical device company, engages in the design, development, and marketing of products for the surgical treatment of spine disorders. Its products are used in applications for spine fusion surgery. The company's products include a minimally disruptive surgical platform called Maximum Access Surgery (MAS), as well as cervical and motion preservation products. Its MAS platform combines three categories of product offerings, including NeuroVision, a proprietary software-driven nerve avoidance system; MaXcess, a split-blade design retraction system providing enhanced surgical access to the spine; and specialized implants, such as SpheRx pedicle screw system, a pedicle screw system that allows instrument-free compression of the vertebrae and CoRoent suite of implants that minimizes damage to the surrounding bone of a patient when inserted. The company's motion preservation products include lateral access total disc replacement (TDR) and elastomeric lateral TDR. Its cervical ceramic-on-ceramic TDR CerPass device is under biomechanical testing. The company's spine surgery products include precision-machined cervical and lumbar allograft implants, a titanium surgical mesh system, and related instrumentation, as well as SmartPlate Gradient CLP, a dynamic cervical plate that encompasses a gradient locking mechanism, which loads the screws based upon the anatomic requirements. NuVasive, Inc. was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in San Diego, California

wpe18.jpg (60063 bytes)

                 8.    Pure Bioscience - PURE  Only 12 employees
Pure Bioscience
                                               1725 Gillespie Way
                                               El Cajon, CA 92020
                                               Phone: 619-596-8600  Web Site:
                            PURE Bioscience engages in the development, manufacture, and marketing of technology-based
                       bioscience products providing nontoxic antimicrobial solutions. It primarily offers silver dihydrogen
                       citrate-based antimicrobials and boric acid-based pesticides. 

wpe11.jpg (68782 bytes)

                           9.      Quidel - QDEL

                                 Quidel Corp.
                                 10165 McKellar Court
                                  San Diego, CA 92121
                                  Phone: 858-552-1100    Fax: 858-453-4338
                                  Web Site:  266 employees
                   Quidel Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets point-of-care (POC) diagnostic solutions
for infectious diseases and reproductive health primarily in the United States. It provides POC and other diagnostic
tests under QuickVue, QuickVue+, QuickVue Advance, RapidVue, and Metra brand names. The company
offers POC diagnostics products for infectious diseases, such as Influenza, Group A Strep, and Mononucleosis,
as well as for reproductive health, which include pregnancy, Chlamydia, and Bacterial Vaginosis.

wpe12.jpg (65902 bytes)

Report 3

                              Best Perfoming San Diego Stocks over last 3 months, 9/17/2007

C:\sdstocks   Days back= 65 Stocks up 24% or more in last 3 months.
 6 / 14 / 2007 - 9 / 17 / 2007 
Rank          Symbol        Name                        Price          Pct.Gain     % over 50dma  AI/200         Opening%    Closing%   
---------     -----------------------------------       ----------    ------------  -----------   -----------    ------      ---------
 1            ISIS          ISIS Pharmaceuticals Inc.    14            56%           19.8%         111           53%           43%
                            274 employess, Web Site:
 2            CUB           Cubic Corporation            43.29         49%           24.9%         135           38%           55%
                            6000 employees, Web Site:
 3            DOCX          Document Sciences Corp.      9.26          48%           13.8%         134           34%           38%
                            392 employees, Web Site:
 4            WFII (KTOS)   Wireless Facilities          2.3           41%           1.9%          53            44%           42%
                            company is delinquent in its reports.
 5            DXCM          DexCom                       9.42          39%           5.9%          130           42%           47%
                            224 employees,Web Site: 
 6            ILMN          Illumina Inc.                53.13         34%           14.8%         144           42%           52%
                            596 employees,Web Site: 
 7            NUVA          NuVasive                     34.13         32%           14.6%         156           42%           53%
                            233 employees,Web Site: 
 8            PURE (PURE.OB)Innovative Med. Services     4.47          29%           21.6%         156           34%           47%
                            12 Employees, Web Site:
 9            IOM           Iomega Corporation           5.33          28%           .6%           168           38%           52%
                            253 employees, Web Site:
 10           DJO           DJ Orthopedics Inc.          48.4          27%           1%            157           42%           50%
                            3000 employees, Web Site:
 11           QDEL          Quidel Corporation           17.67         24%           7.6%          120           41%           46%
                            266 employees, Web Site:

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