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                            August 29, 2007

    Staffing Companies' Stocks As
          Predictors of The US Stock Market

             Tiger Users Can Trade Some of These Very Nicely!
             Most Are Over Looked by Professional Traders.

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People have asked me to write a Daily Blog.  
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    have to wait and see.  As, I see it, a blog is a
    personal statement.  I will try to make it enter-
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          I do promise not to belabor the obvious. So,
    I hope these thoughts, reflections and finds are
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              8/29/2007   - 

Staffing Companies' Stocks As
             Predictors of The US Stock Market

                When companies slow down or stop hiring, it shows that they are not confident of
                of the business outlook.  Historically, many of the staffing companies top out months
                or even a year ahead of a big general market turn down. 

                A new 12-month price low by our Tiger Staffing Stocks' Index would certainly suggest
                an important top has been already reached this year.  Until then, there is a chance
                for a recovery later this Autumn.   A general market decline in about a year to a year
               and half might then be predicted, based on the pattern of many of these stocks to top
               out ahead of the general market.
   And, in fact, a new Administration is often greeted
               with a bear market.  Interestngly, most of these staffing stocks do not bottom out before
               the market begins a new bull market.   Turns upward in new hiring must depend upon
               the confidence a stock advance usually brings and reflects.  

              -------Tiger's Index of 19 staffing companies is shown in year's chart below. -------
                  wpe18.jpg (64541 bytes)                    

                The index has fallen to a point just above its 12 month lows.  That must be considered
                 important technical support.  A decline below that would mean the current decline is
                 most likely not an intermediate-term correction, but a bear market.  The Peerless major
                 Buys and Sells work well with this index.  The optimized Red signals should be watched.
                 It is still on a Sell.

                Tiger Users Can Trade Some of These Very Nicely!
              Most Are Over-Looked by Professional Traders.

                Most of these stocks do not offer enough volatility to make them particularly attractive
                speculations on growth.  But their moves up do coincide with Peerless buys.  So they might
                be used as a proxy for buying an intsrument to participate in a bull market.  Brokerage
                stocks, however, probably serve that purpose and their down-turns better coincide with
                Peerless major Sells.

                I would suggest that professinal traders  look at these stocks.  They are mostly
                over-looked.   But can be very prifitably traded using Tiger's automatics Buys and Sells.
                The best for this purpose are INTN, ASGN, CCRN and MNST.  A trader using Tiger's best
                trading system would have gained a whopping 283.2% on INTN,  130.6% on ASGN,
                120.5% on JOBS, 99.3% on KNXA and 59.5% on MNST.
                INTN shows lots of Accumulation. And Tiger's best system is extremely profitable with it.
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               130.6% on ASGN
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              wpe1B.jpg (64956 bytes)                        

     Here are the stocks included in the Tiger Index of Staffing Companies.

      AHS American Hospital Supply - temporary healthcare staffing

       wpe4.jpg (25444 bytes)  

       AHS bottomed with the US stock market in March 2003.  But it has peaked out
       ahead of US stock market, which advanced until July 18th, 2007.  

       ASGN   On Assignment Inc. - staffing in laboratory/scientific, healthcare, and
       medical financial and health information

wpe5.jpg (23714 bytes)

      ASGN peaked in 2000 at the same time the SP-500 did.   It bottomed at the same
      time the market did in 2003.  Its recovery was muted compared to overall market

     CITP - Comsys IT Partners, Inc. - information technology (IT) staffing
wpe6.jpg (21689 bytes)
     CITP has topped out already, in April 2007.

       CCRN Cross Country Healthcare Inc - healthcare staffing
        wpe7.jpg (23875 bytes)
        CCRN also turned tup witht he general market in March 2003.  Its recovery was
        not nearly as robust as the general market.   And it has apparently topped out early
        in 2007 ahead of the DJI and SP-500 by 7 months.

        CDI - Engineering and information technology outsourcing  and professional staffing
        wpe8.jpg (25880 bytes)
       CDI peaked in 1998, two years ahead of general market.  It bottomed in late 2001,
       18 months before the stock market generally.  It has failed to make new highs with
       the overall market.  But it also has not started a serious decline yet.

        GVHR Gevity HR Inc - human resource (HR) management solutions to small and
       mid-sized businesses. The company offers payroll administration services, such as
       administrative processing, W-2 preparation and delivery, tax processing and payment,
       paid time off processing, health and welfare plan processing, time and attendance service,
      and payroll and HR-related reports services
        wpe9.jpg (23751 bytes)
        GVHR peaked in 1998, two years ahead of US stock market.  It bottomed in
        October 2001, 18 months ahead of general market.  It peaked in ealy 2006, about
        18 months ahead of the general stock market..  

         HHGP Hudson Highland Group Inc - Accounting and finance, legal, and IT staffing.
         wpeB.jpg (24974 bytes)
         HHGP peaked two months ahead of US this year.  Note its big swing up.

         HSII Heidrick & Struggles International Inc - Executive search and leadership
         consulting services

         wpeC.jpg (25319 bytes)
        HSII peaked with the US markets in 2000.   It bottomed with the overall market
        in the first quarter of 2003.  It is still in an uptrend.  But it has not made new all-time
        highs as has the DJI and SP-500.

         INTN Intac International Inc.(Hong Kong) - Educational and career development services
         primarily in China

         wpeD.jpg (24643 bytes)
        INTN is lagging the rest of the stock market by a wide margin.

          JOB General Employment - technology, engineering, and accounting professionals
         wpeE.jpg (22861 bytes)
        JOB peaked in late 1997 more than two years ahead of overall market.  It bottomed
        with the market early in 2003 with the world markets.  Its weak recovery ended
        early in 2007, 7 months ahead of the recent peak.

          JOBS 51job Inc.
           wpeF.jpg (22240 bytes)
          Recently peaked 2 months ahead of US markets.

           KELYA Kelley Services - word processing and data entry, and as administrative support staff;
           staff for contact centers, technical support hotlines, and telemarketing units; substitute teachers;
           support staff for seminars, sales, and trade shows; technicians to the technology, aerospace,
          and pharmaceutical industries; and maintenance workers, material handlers, and assemblers
           wpe10.jpg (29105 bytes)
          KELYA peaked in 1998,  2 years ahead of general market.  It bottomed with the
          overall market early in 2003.   Its recent peak coincided closely with the market's.
          It seems more intereste din bouncing back and forth as a trading vehicle for professionals
          than in making a sustained trend..

           KFRC Kforce Inc. - Technology; Finance and Accounting; Health and Life Sciences; and
           Government Staffing

           wpe11.jpg (25922 bytes)
          JFRC peaked in mid 1998, two years ahead of general market.  It bottomed at the
          same time in early 2003.  It is still in an uptrend, though it has not made new highs.

            KNXA   applicant tracking system, which automates and streamlines the recruiting process;
            and testing and assessment solutions,

           wpe12.jpg (20888 bytes)
          KNXA seems to have peaked with the general market in July 2007.

             LRW Labor Ready Inc.   Manual labor
             wpe13.jpg (24876 bytes)
            LRW peaked in mid 1999 nearly a year ahead of general market.  It bottomed in late 2001,
            15 months before the market as a whole did.  It is not clear if it has peaked again this
             year, but it does show a double top, as it did in 1998-1999.

             MAN Manpower Inc.  - general employment services.
             wpe14.jpg (24329 bytes)
            This peaked in mid 1997 more than 2 years ahead of the general market but did
            not sell off in thr 2001-2003 bear market.  It is now in a strong uptrend, though
            it did pek recently with the general market.

             MNST Monster Worldwide Inc  - Online employment services.
             wpe15.jpg (26529 bytes)
             MNST peaked in 2000 and bottomed in early 2003 with the general market.  Its
             mid 2006 peak was a year ahead of the general market.

             MPS MPS Group Inc.- staffing and recruiting services in the disciplines of accounting,
             finance, law, engineering, and healthcare sectors

             wpe16.jpg (26114 bytes)
            MPS peaked a month before the SP-500 did in 2000.  It bottomed 3 months before
            the general market did finally in early 2003.  It seems to have reached a peak a year
            ahead of the general market.

            MRN Medical Staffing Network Holdings Inc.
            wpe17.jpg (24305 bytes)
           MRN is lagging.






















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