TRADING INDIVIDUAL STOCKS  with Tiger Closing Power (CP)
SSRI (silver), PAAS (silver) and NEM (gold).
                             (C) 2011 William Schmidt, Ph.D.


  10/25/2011: STATUS (Charts shown below)
   SSRI  CP broken 2 month CP downtrend 2 days ago. on Buy
PAAS CP rising on trading Buy
          NEM Support of 65-dma held and CP turned up. Buy

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           Study the heavy BLUE Closing Power Line that appears immediately below the daily
           price bars.  A break in a CP downtrend is BULLISH.  A break in a CP uptrend is BEARISH.
           CP trend-breaks confirm the automatic oppoimized red signals.  ..

          Watching for and trading trend-changes of Tiger's Closing Power is a preferred tactic
          for trading here.  This works because the Closing Power represents Professional net
          buying and selling.  The "Pros" are not loyal to any stock.  They drive it up and down
          to turn a profit.  We watch the CP trend-breaks to see when they switch from net
          Buying to new Selling.  Most of the time, trading in the direction they trade will make
          us nice profits.  Our website has hundreds of examples.   Google
          "TigerSoft" "Closing Power". 

               Blue Closing Power Trend-Changes Determine whether Tiger is Bullish or Bearish.
                                   (The red Buys and Sells are hand-edited here for emphasis)
SSRI.GIF (26385 bytes)

          TigerSoft has many other indicators, but the simplest to use is to watch for Closing Power
          trend-changes.  See

          CP is not perfect.  Perhaps 10% of the time, the biggest force behind a stock's moves is either
          Public or Foreign net Buying or Selling and is not the trading by Professionals..  In these cases,
          our Opening Power is more likely to predict stock prices. This situation occurs mostly in
          highly speculative markets where public buying has been whipped up by lots of high publicity
          promotion. Examples: Glen Beck and Silver 2011 or a long multi-year advance in stock prices,
          e.g. Internet stocks in 1999-2000. Opening Power is not shown in the charts here, unless it
          is more powerful than Closing Power.  See the notes just below the Months on our charts,
          where the relative importance of Public and Professional Buying is shown.

          Sometimes determining which trendline to draw becomes important. In these cases,
          rely on the trendline which goes through the most points with an emphasis on the
          trend of the most important zigs and zags.  We have assembled a list of rules that
          rest on the core concept of a Closing Power trend-break.
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PAAS.BMP (1920054 bytes)
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