TIGERSOFT's Closing Power Trend-Breaks:
     Trade with The Market Maker and Hedge Fund Pros

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     TigerSoft invented  "Closing Power" to show what Wall Street professionals
  are doing with particular stocks.  We want to see if market makers, hedge funds
  and active mutual funds are buying, as a whole, or are they selling.  These are the
  Wall Street insiders.   They usually have the very best information about corporate
  developments.  The market makers, in this group, can sell short without borrowing
  stock and they can sell short on down-ticks.  They also have access to vast amounts
  of capital.  So, they can often manipulate Openings to serve their purposes.    Opening prices
  are jacked up artificially when they want to sell or sell short.  Openings are made lower
  whey want to buy or cover short sales.  The US SEC has, in effect, given market
  makers and cooperating hedge funds a license to manipulate prices, though regulators
  would never admit this much.  Small wonder, companies like Goldman Sachs are
  so profitable.  They can also borrow from the Fed now for only 1/4%.    It's important
  to see what they intend for your stock.  Trade with them and you'll make money!

  Trading the nine Closing Power Trend-Breaks in 2009 were quite profitable
  with NEM, Newmont Mines, the world's biggest gold producer.  2009 brought
  a 57% gain buying and then selling only.  2008 was even better.  The gain using
  only long positions was 60%.  Adding short sales on the Closing Power trend-breaks
  dubled the profits both years.

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      Watching the trends of TigerSoft's Closing Power will be a "game changer" for you.
   Trade its trends.  You will be amazed at how consistently VERY PROFITABLE this
   approach is.  Sure, you will have to make a lot of trades and you will have to keep
   an open mind about the stock.  But TIgerSoft makes it easy.  Just draw the diagonal
   or horizontal trendlines on your stock with TigerSoft.  Then place the arrows on
   your chart and let the computer automatically show you the resulting trades.    To
   make it easy and reliable, the computer lets you see the gains achieved when the
   trades are taken at the opening the day following the trend-break.  This is conservative.
   Often you would not want to wait until the next day to buy or sell.   Note that the
   calculations conservatively assume a commission and slippage of $20 per Buy or Sell. 
   The gains may be calculated for purchases and sales only, or for short sales only, or for
   purchases, sales and short sales.  The biggest paper loss is also shown and the
   number of winning and losing trades.
   Nearly every stock or commodity can be traded profitably with TigerSoft's Closing
   Power.  More examples are shown below.  Since TigerSoft gives you lots of historical
   data, you can readily see how well this approach does year after year with the same
   stock or with each new stock you want to trade. 

   In practice, you will want to mainly buy stocks showing heavy insider buying, as
   TigerSoft calculates it.  This will cause these long positions to be more profitable.
   If you are a short-seller, for example, because Peerless is on a major Sell, you will
   naturally want to use the Closing Power uptrend-breaks with stocks also showing intensive  
   insider selling, as we measure in other ways, too.  Then breaks in the Closing Power
   uptrend-lines are apt to fall much more.

   More examples will be posted soon.  In the next example, we show the ETF for
   the NASDAQ-1000.  Note how easily, the Closing Power would have kept you out
   of the financial panic of 2008, which the QQQQ lost 50% in 7 months.    The yearly gains
   use Closing Power trend-breaks and the broadest market  ETF, IWM - the Russell 2000-
   were also very high.

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  More coming...