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Simple Rules to Make You Money!
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1)  If you're somewhat new to technical analysis,
I suggest working with one the very actively traded major market ETFs. We favor are DIA, SPY, QQQ, IWM, TNA
and also FAS.  If you're buying, decide which is strongest.  Buy that one for as long as Peerless is on a buy and the Closing Power is rising.  This is simple and reliably profitable. 
See TNA below using Peerless signals first and then
Closing Power trend-changes to make the trades.

2) Watch the direction of the
Blue Closing Power
to see what professional money managers think of stock, ETFs, Commodities, Metals and Currencies.
Tests of support are buying opportunities
when the Closing Power hooks up.
The opposite provided excellent shorting
opportunities when heavy RED distribution is present.

3) Watch the
Accumulation Index (IP21) to see if Insiders are actively Trading the Stock.  If IP21 is above .38 they are probably Buying provided relative strength is strong,  But if IP21 is below -.25 and relative strength is weak, they are probably Selling.

4) Trade the confirmed trend of the 65-dma with TigerSoft Buys/Sells. Confirmed means that the Closing Power,
Accumulation Index, OBV and Relative Strength are
stated to be "Bullish" when stock is above its 65-dma,
and vice verse.

5.) Buy B10s, B12s, B20s and B24s after a Bulge of
The Accumulation Index are Times To Buy
if Stock Is Not Too Far from its Base.  This means
buy on the first and second Buys, but be careful after that.

6. Use Peerless and get the Nightly Hotline.  History teaches.
We are doomed if we do not learn its lessons. 
Multiple Peerless Sells and a major DJI Support Failure
Usually Launches a Bear Market.

6. Watch the trend of the NYSE A/D Line and A/D Line of the group of stocks you are trading.

7. Understand how Support and Resistance work.

8.) Watch for Red High Volume Confirmations of Breakouts and Breakdowns.  But note that Red High Volume at Upper and Lower Band May Be "Churning" and Lead to a Reversal.

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WM - On Its Way to Bankruptcy.
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                                 Page 3          CitiGroup - 54 to 1 in two years. 
                                                  Short such stocks on New Red Sells