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                              June 26,  2007
Silver Is Starting To Tarnish.

                             July 4, 2007
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Tuesday - June 26, 2007

        Silver Is Starting To Tarnish.                wpe21.jpg (5102 bytes)

        On 11/29.2005, I wrote for subscribers that "Gold has just broken $500 an ounce....
  Silver had just surpassed $8.00 for the first time in 20 years".  I noted the bullish breakouts
  of NEM, PAAS and SSRI. But nearly all good things and certainly all bull markets come to
  an end eventually.
NEM showed heavy insider trading when it was above 50 and we
  recommended it as a short sale. We now know that insiders were dumping the stock
  because they knew that their Central Asian properties were being nationalized and their
  earnings outlook was poor. They waited until the stock was down 10 points to tell their
  shareholders.  It is now 38 and threatening to make new lows for the last year.

Newmont - 2005-2006
  wpe1E.jpg (68473 bytes)
Newmont 2006-2007
wpe1F.jpg (46212 bytes)

has risen 150% since TigerSoft recommended it here in November 2005.  It
     keeps finding more silver in South America. But even it, the strongest of the gold and
     silver stocks, has
turned bearish, having shown heavy distribution from the Tiger Accumulation
     Index and completed a bearish price-pattern. 

As traders, we should also recognize the possibility that SSRI will hold above 32
     and then come charging back above 36.
  (False moves to the down-side are part of this
     stock's 'MO'.)   A move quickly back above 36 would be bullish and get us to buy it again.  The
     current decline owes, I think, to the Fed not wishing to let the dollar weaken any further.  As the
     British Pound reached $2 and the EURO made 5 year highs a month ago, they have tried to drive
     up the dollar by threatening to raise interest rates.  In the long run, the dollar looks very weak
     and silver and gold are natural hedges.
But for now, SSRI has broken key support and I would
     advise staying clear of it.

Silver Standards - 2006-2007

wpe20.jpg (74650 bytes)

Silver 2006-2007

Silver (SL1620 Perpetual Commodities' Contract using Dial Data)
shows distribution from our Accumulation Index and very aggressive selling from
            the downtrending OBV Line.  The price pattern is a bearish head and shoulders
            pattern, whose neckline has already been violated..

wpe22.jpg (72686 bytes)

                     wpe1E.jpg (833 bytes)  
So, what's going on here with Gold and Silver?  The Federal Deficits
             are as massive and scary as ever.   I think it's that interest rates are going to be
             raised by the Fed in the next few months or even much sooner,  as they try to defend
             the dollar.    More about this linkage in coming reports here.


  7-4-2007    Tiger Index of 36 Gold and Silver Stocks

   Tiger's Automatic Buy and Sell Signals have gained 60.6% on XAU (Gold Index) chart
   for the past year,  The XAU (Gold Stocks' Index) has gained nearly 100%.   Investors in
   gold and silver stocks would have done much better for the past few years using our
   automatic signals than just buying and holding.

    An XAU move above 150 would be a meaningful breakout.  More about this linkage in coming
    reports here, especially if the XAU makes its move. The chart below lends itself to the belief
    that there will be an upside breakout, unless the Fed raises rates to protect the dollar.

wpe1E.jpg (48546 bytes)
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