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Case Study: Newmont Mining 2006               

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  Newmont Mining
               October 2, 2006


  Insider Selling at NEM - Newmont

     On Oct 2, 2006 - after NEM'S stock had already dropped 15%-20%, Newmont's management announced
     what they knew in June, namely that their operations in Uzbekhistan were being nationalized.  And only in early
     October did they warn that their production of gold would likely drop. Tiger's chart of NEM (shown below) easily
     lets us see that the stock was under big-money insider selling pressure in June.

     We see this in two ways: the Tiger Accumulation Index was in red terroritory and the OBV Line showed
     aggressive selling.   In fact, the OBV Line was making new 12 month lows a week before the stock's support
     at 47-48 was broken.

               Reuters: October 2, 2006:          headline:   "Uzbek court declares Newmont gold venture bankrupt"

        " Newmont, the world's second-largest gold miner, has run into difficulties in the former Soviet republic
        at a time of worsening diplomatic relations prompted by U.S. condemnation of a government crackdown    
        on a rebellion in Andizhan a year ago.... In July, Uzbek authorities seized gold and some of the assets 
        belonging to Zarafshan-Newmont, the other 50 percent of which is owned by the government of Uzbekistan,
        and launched two tax claims for payments it said were due between 2002 and 2005......NEM CEO said 
        that they would write off its operations in Uzbekistan, where the joint venture ran for more than a decade. 

       "We are finished there. When I left Uzbekistan in June, I took the last two expatriates with me,"
        Murdy told Reuters in an interview last week.... Newmont's 50 percent share of gold sold by the Uzbek
        joint venture last year was 122,700 ounces. ($73 million) ...The company expects equity gold sales between
        5.6 million and 5.8 million ounces worldwide in 2006, dropping to between 5.2 million and 5.6 million
        ounces next year before recovering in 2008 and 2009 when projects in the United States, Ghana and
        Australia reach full production."   This bearish news was known to the company and insiders in June.

        Insiders sold when the public was buying!   NEM's CEO said they had closed the Uzbbek operations in June! 
        That was not released to the public broadly until the stock was near 40!  Similarly, the news that production would
        be down until 2008.

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