wpe1B9.jpg (33251 bytes)     STOCK MARKET PROFITS MADE SIMPLE
                                              USING TIGERSOFT.

                  #1   Short-term, watch the Professionals with Tiger's Closing Power.
                  These were real-time trades recommended on our Nightly On-Line Hotline
                  The results assume trades are entered at next day's opening.
                  Leveraged ETFs can make a lot bigger gains than even this.
                       SLV.BMP (1029654 bytes)

                    #2   Draw Trendlines upon charts of Tiger's Closing Power Percent.

                                 Get out your rulers, straight edges or use Tiger's rubber-band line

                                 If the CP (Closing Power Pct.) trend is up, trust that Professionals are Buying.
Buy when the Professionals switch to Buying (unless the market is
                                 highly speculative, as in 1999-2000). 

                                  If the CP trend is down, Professionals have changed their mind, on balance,
                                  and have become net Sellers.
Sell when the Professionals switch to Selling.
                                  We have set out several studies of Closing Power and SPY, QQQ and DIA.
                                  showing all these charts since their inception.  The enumerated CP trading
                                  rules are derived from this history. 
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Buy the Individual stocks showing High (blue) TigerSoft Insider Accumulation.
                             when Tiger's Closing Power Is Making New Highs
.  Trade the Tiger Closing Power
                             Trend.  Use the automatic Buys.  It's rare for a stock to go against the
                             combined force of both Insiders and Professionals, especially if the
                             overall market also moves in that direction.  The Tiger Power Ranker
                             and Hotline make it very easy to focus on these Explosive Super Stocks.

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                             #4 Sell Short the Individual stocks showing Low (red) TigerSoft Insider Selling
                              when Tiger's Closing Power Is Making New Lows. Trade the Tiger Closing Power
                              Trend. Hedge with these stocks while you ride out a minor correction.
                              See our Killer Short Sales in Any Market.
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Use Peerless To Predict The General Stock Market's Major Trends.

                      It is safest and most profitable to trade the trend as suggested by Peerless.
                       In a generally rising market, it's hard to lose if you identify the stocks Insiders
                       and Professionals are both buying.  In a falling market, the opposite is overwhelmingly
                       true.   Our Hotline apprises you of the expected market trend and the best stocks
                       to play it.
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