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          SILVER STOCKS:  
     Anyone Remember 1980 when
     Silver hit $50/ounce.


                    (Follow Up)
              November 6, 2007

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                       Important price breakout advances are now taking place in Silver and
       the silver stock, SSRI
.  These were expected.  What most do not appreciate is that only a
       few price new highs qualify as "Tiger Breakouts".  But these did.  You can see the conditions we use to
       qualify such breakouts in my book "Explosive Super Stocks". 175 pages. $75.00  A taste of it, with
       many of  the key conditions mmentioned, is seen at http://www.tigersoft.com/--3--/index.html .
       See also  http://tigersoft.com/Tiger-Blogs/10-28-2007/index.html

                     Qualified breakout buying is a trading technique designed to use trading capital
       most efficiently.
  Most of the time, stocks are going sidewise, rather than decisively rising.
       Tiger breakouts are designed to get you into the stocks that are moving.  In the weekly chart
       of SLV below you can see that 100% of all the gains in SLV (Silver as a Commodity) came in the
       three months following the price breakout. 

                     The Tiger Breakout approach is also designed to get you into the stocks that are strongest,
       at any one time.  Many of these rise very quickly.  Some rise hundreds of percent in a year.  But
       vigilance is needed to use this approach, when breakouts fail, the stocks have to be sold at a small loss. 
       This assures you that you are in the very strongest stocks and that a decline in the market as a whole
       does not hurt your investment capital.  When the stock or commodity behaves expected, our studies
       show we should just let it advance, "let it run".  As long as it makes new highs and not minor new lows,
       your profits will grow.  Eventually, it will top out and decline.  Our Explosive Super Stocks book
       shows you how to recognize the top in the stock and not overstay your welcome in it. Many people
       use certain moving averages in this case.  We discuss this.  But we look also at the internal strength
       readings for the stock.  Almost always there are tell tale signs that the stock is peaking and about
       to decline.

              I suspect that the breakout in Silver will mean at least a 33% gain in three months. A move
       to 20 is technically the least that is expected because of the 5 point height of the preceding price
       pattern that is being broken above.
      -------------------------------- Weekly Silver, now 15.27------------------------------------------------------
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---------------------------------------- SSRI is now over 45 -----------------------------------------------------
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