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Use TigerSoft to find the next

Short Selling Made Simple, Safe

When Peerless gives a Sell, we look for the stocks showing especially
    massive Insider and Professional Selling.  Certain of the TigerSoft
    Sell signals for individual stocks are also particularly bearish
    either by themselves or in combination.  We guard against reversals
    by watching for tell-tale rises in our Tiger Accumulation Index
    and breaks in the down-trends of our Closing Power.

    Use our Tiger Power Ranker and find short sales like these: 
              SEED, RIMM  and HRBN (below) 
Alternatively, use our Hotlines charts of the "Bearish MINCPs" each night.  


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wpe3.jpg (87753 bytes)

Sell Short

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                             You do NOT want your stock's chart to look like AMRI below!

    Compare AMRI's chart below with those in our study, Killer Short Sales in Any Market
    Use the start of a wave of Insider Selling and Professional Selling to time your short sales.

   See also Insider Selling at SEAHAWK (HAWK) before The Dive To Bankruptcy.

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         TigerSoft's Secret is SIMPLE and Powerful
                                           First, Avoid Predictable and Manipulated Emotionalism.
                                     Second,  Detect and Profit from Insider Buying and Selling
                 -   Call us now - 858-273-5900 - Turn insider trading to your advantage immediately.

         Stocks about to Collapse: Read How To Spot The Weakest Stocks
           The weakest stocks each year also show the same conditions in reverse.  These we screen
            for as "Bearish" MINCP stocks. Examples  2007(1), 2007(2), 2007(3), 2008(1), 2008(2)

 CitiGroup - 54 to 1 in two years.  Short such stock on New Red Sells

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  Example 2 - WAMU
                                           Washington Mutual went bankrupt
                                      as our Blog had predicted 9 months earlier.

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                       Example 3 - British Northern Rock
                                             Northern Rock went bankrupt -  2007. 
                                  Insider Selling in the UK here was very apparent.
                     Insider trading is universal.  That is why TigerSoft works everywhere.

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