Peerless Stock Market Timing
              Predictable and Manipulated Emotions
revised 12/28/2010
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                      Peerless Stock Market Timing - 1915 - 2010
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Our Peerless system of automatic Buy and Sell signals
                     on the general market takes the emotions and anxious
                     guesswork out of investing.  Peerless is back-tested
                     to 1915.  REAL-TIME, its signals work time and again
                     because they are objective.  They show public emotional extremes
                     and they show Professional buying and selling.

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                     Emotionally based decisions fail because they they
                     are predictable and necause they can be manipulated by insiders
                     and professionals. 

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                     Think about this.  Fear and greed CAN be created artificially by
                     professional market makers. The sudden switch by the SEC
                     in mid 2007 to allowing short-selling on down-ticks was not accident.
                     It was lobbied for by Wall Street pros.  It could not have been better
                     designed to give the perfect tool to market makers and hedge funds
                     to create an artificially exaggerared panic in 2008.  

                      Using the automatic Peerless Buys and Sells lets you employ the lessons
                      of history and avoid emotions in making investment ddecisions.

                      See what a customer wrote us recently.

               Bill -  It's been nearly a year since I joined up
                               with the "TIGER-SOFT / PEERLESS - family".
                               As you know, I brought to this system an incredible
                               amount of skepticism. My guard was up and my filters
                               were muti-layered.

                               Reflecting back,
it's been the first time in a decade I've
                               been able to invest and allocate funds in a way that
                               reasonably makes sense and helps take the emotion out of the
Years of frustration, pain, and financial loss were
                              spent jumping from system to system.

                        I am convinced that the "emotion" factor (greed / fear)
                        has been my greatest detriment and led to years of
                        horrible losses that could have been years of terrific gains -
                        if had I been using the PEERLESS system all along. But at
                        49 years old, I realize that even with the wasted years,
                        it's never too late to get on a track that can eventually make
                        the losses of the past look like a faded/far-away memory. Now
                        I'm on a good track! My ongoing challenge has been to ignore
                        the talking heads and daily market jolts and to patiently /
                        systematically trust the larger picture that the PEERLESS framework
                        projects. My 10-year goal/dream is to not just to obtain personal
                        comfort/security, but to be able to share generously and
                        ongoingly with others of greatest human need (Haiti, for example).

                        Thanks again for a good 2010 and wishing you and your family
                        a joy-filled New Year!

                     BB - Ohio  12/29/2010

               Significant insider and Professional buying can easily be
               spotted with TigerSoft.  
               Why trust research reports that are meant to hype?
               Why trust the talking heads on TV?  They are paid shils!
               TigerSoft is entirely objective.  It works exactly as shown below.

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