Be A Whistle-Blower and Get Paid.
                  Visit out and our Killer Short Sales in Any Market.

                  wpe11.jpg (5733 bytes)   Under little-noticed new provisions of the
                 new Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law, whistle-blowers  like Harry Markopolos who
                 tried for years to get the SEC to investigate Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme,  will for
                 the first time be entitled to collect between 10% and 30% of the money recovered by the
                 government in insider trading cases.  The uselessness of the SEC in the Madoff case
                 is bound to make one wonder if this whistle-blowing law will amount to anything.

                 The new law will allow whistle-blowers who bring "original information" to the
                  Securities and Exchange Commission or the Commodity Futures Trading Commission
                  to remain anonymous— even to the government.  Working with an attorney as an intermediary,
                  insiders with information about fraud can bring allegations to the government without fear
                  that the government will somehow reveal their identity.
                   Between 1989 and 2009, the SEC paid out only $159,537 to public whistle blowers for
                   providing key information about illegal insider trading!  Last year, the SEC announced
                  its first million dollar award for a whistleblower's report of insider trading information.  
                   It involved a hedge fund adviser Pequot Capital Management, Inc., its chief executive,
                    Arthur J. Samberg, and David E. Zilkha, a Microsoft employee.  This could be the
                   start of something new,  where the SEC actually encourages public whistle blowing.
                   Because we see so much insider trading, because Wall Street money plays such a big
                   role in financing both parties' political campaigns and because the SEC's is not staffed
                   to do much real investigating, it's hard to believe the SEC will turn a new leaf.


                  If you know of illegal insider trading, contact us, our software can help you
                   document it.    

  Insiders knew BANKRUPTCY was coming to INDY-MAC!
                    We take a drop by the Tiger Accumulation Index below -.25 when
                    the stock is much weaker than the general market to mean "insider
                    selling" in the broadest sense.  Word of egregious corporate malfeasance,
                    fraud and insider trading has gotten out to numerous hedge funds, institutions,
                    stock brokers and their customers.  All are selling into and snuffing
                    out any rally.  

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                                  WASHINGTON MUTUAL: 2007-2008 Go To ZERO!

TigerSoft warned WM would go bankrupt in 2007 after seeing
                     how extensive the insider selling was by its CEO.

wamu.jpg (68573 bytes)
wpe16C.jpg (20696 bytes)

                   Chinese Stock Index Showed Red Distribution in November 2007.

Our TigerSoft predicted a Crash for Chinese stocks because of the
                  heavy (red) Distribution shown by our TigerSoft Accumuation Index,
                  because of the bearish head/shoulders pattern and because of
                  the many Peerless Sells on the US stock market in the second half of 2007.

wpe167.jpg (73800 bytes)                                         

                                              Insider Selling in England

The British Northern Rock debacle made insiders a Billion Pounds 
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                   General Motors  
GM shows how the alert short seller can use the
                   start of each new wave of distribution to go short very profitably.
                   See below how the Accumulation Indec ends a minor up-wave by
                   by violating its own moving average

wpe16A.jpg (80868 bytes)

                        SO MANY EXAMPLES
                  OF INSIDER TRADING.

              Mostly the SEC looks the other way.   Insider selling, as we measure it,
                   before the collapse of a stock is rampant.   Investors and traders need
                   TigerSoft for their own protection. Below are a few more TigerSoft links
                   showing insider selling, i.e. heavy (red) Distribution from TigerSoft
                   before a dramatic plung in share prices.  

                                 Washington Mutual - ex-CEO Killinger
                                 CitiGroup - Board member, ex-Goldman CEO,
                                 US Treasury Secretary under Clinton - Robert Rubin

                                 Bank of America - Ken Lewis
                                 Ryland Group - Dreier Chad  
                                 Donald Trump

Here are the three greediest of the greedy - CEOs who
               defrauded shareholders and committed insider trading and
               stock manipulation.'s   This was
               prepared before Goldman Sachs  took the stage in 2007-2009,


               Ken Lay of Enron CEO   wpe1E46.jpg (9073 bytes)
               Card Caption:
   This part-time Bush advisor and full-time millionaire was
                       selling company stock while telling employees to buy. Big surprise Enron folded
                       under his watch.  He happily drove up energy prices in 2001 by manipulating
                       the energy futures, causing deadly "brown-outs.". 

              Dennis Kozlowski  - Tyco CEO  wpe1E47.jpg (9223 bytes)
"A true Tycoon of corporate malfeasance: tax evasion, grand larceny,
                      enterprise corruption, falsifying business records, and securities fraud."

               wpe1E48.jpg (8940 bytes)   Martha Stewart and Sam *the weasel)
               Waksaal of Imclone.  
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wpe190.jpg (44634 bytes)



One more example - CitiGroup. It hit $1.00 a share in March 2009.

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     CRUDE OIL: 2007-2008 Illustrates how quickly the Tiger Accumulation
    The trend-changes of Tiger'S Closing Power confirmed the trend-change.

     Both tools were invented by TigerSoft and have been back-tested as far
     back as 1928.
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                                          wpe162.jpg (5759 bytes)

                                   OF A FUTURE EXPLOSIVE SUPER STOCK

             Bulges of intense (Blue) Accumulation show insider buying.  If the insiders are
             savvy and the general market holds up,  prices will soon breakout to new highs
             and advance quickly.  Only after prices have already risen a long way will the
             good news that propels them upwards come out.   That is when the broad public
             usually buys.   We want our people to get in at the beginning of the move.  The
             early major Buy signals tell us when to buy.  We hold as long as the trend is up,
             using the blue 50-day moving average.  TigerSoft makes finding such stocks
             very easy.   Our Peerless Stock Market Timing tell you when the market is safe.
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