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Special Offer - $995

All of our software packages, all of our books,
and all of our subscription services for 6 months.

Notice: Please do not order this package if you are looking for a trial purchase.    Our unique discoveries about market timing and stock selection are intellectual property.    You take permanent possession of this as soon as you read our manuals and run our software. 

We have taken great pains to produce a user-friendly and highly profitable software package...  We also readily give individual attention to all our customers... However, if you are unsure, please buy a book or two first, or subscribe to the newsletter or hotline. 


  • Peerless Stock Market Timing Software:  DJI-Based Automatic Signals That Apply Profitably to Most Stocks, Mutual Funds as well as Other U.S.. Indexes like the OEX, SP-500, NYSE and NASDAQ

  • Peerless Short-term Index Options and Market Timing Software:  WINDOWS charting with automatic short-term buy and sell signals on charts of OEX, SP-500, NYSE and NASDAQ.

  • Tiger Power-Stock-Ranker Software: Automatic BUY/SELL Signals,  Accumulation Index Ranker and TIGER SIGNAL-FLAGGER.   

Four Books:

  • Tiger Short-Term Trading of Index OptionsL 1970-2006

  • Explosive Super Stocks: How to Spot Them Early-on but Not over-Stay One's Welcome... 175 pages.

  • Short Selling: Killer Profits in Any Market... 175 pages.

  • Twenty Six Percent A Year: The Record of Tiger's Power-Stock-Ranker Software with Safer 'Blue-Chip' Stocks, 1970-1997... 225 pages.


  • Thrice Weekly Hotline (from Internet)

  • Thrice Weekly Daily Bullish/Bearish Special Situation Stock (from Internet)

  • Weekly Elite Stock Professional Report showing most accumulated and most distributed stocks from 11,000 (from internet or our BBS).

  • Updates to TigerSoft during this period may be downloaded from our website - with assigned password.


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Questions or To Order:   Call William Schmidt of Tiger Investment Software at 858-273-5900  Write Tiger Software,
PO Box 9491, San Diego, CA 92169.  E-mail

What Stock Data Service Should You Use?

We provide data on 1300 stocks and inddices each night.

Beyond that, we show how you can convert ascii data to our format, but we recommend
a "TI" ASCII #13 account with Dial Data to get unlimited indexes and stock data going back two years ($40/month).  This requires ProComm for Windows which we can provide for $140 but can be obtained from EBAY for around $45.   Procomm 4.7 works fine and is cheaper..


You may also download the index data from this web site for free for six months.  After that we charge $150/year.

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