wpeF7.jpg (3756 bytes)Music:  wpe4.jpg (11948 bytes)   wpe6.jpg (6817 bytes)   wpe5.jpg (33954 bytes)
              Some Great San Diego Karaoke Singers.
                      My Musical Friends at Woo's

                                          Sheraton La Jolla Shooters Lounge     Most Sundays: 6-10 

      Warning:   SATURDAYS, 7:30 -11pm can be quite noisy sometimes...
wpeE.jpg (4133 bytes)The hotel manager has allowed "intoxicated guests" staying at the hotel  to talk very
      loudly right in front of the singer.  This may make it hard to comfortably hear the singers.

      Sadly, it can then become a noise "war" between them and the karaoke sound system.

       Ennis and Deborah         Calvin         Preacher and Debbie      Maria and JC       Dr. Mark
                 Chuy and Mimi       Lori       Lana      Rock and Roll Mike      Da Vida        Clemencia and Allen
                 Jimmy     Miss Dale       Jeffrey       Pat      Mary Lee      Uncle Rick       Denise      Johnny C
                 Tommy     Jonathon       Rocky        May and Avin      Jerome      Lori II      Rick and Miss Woo
                 Linda K     Everett     Wild William

San Diego's Answer To Scowling Simon Cowell
        Also "The Origins of  Some Songs May Surpise You"   "Song Stealers and Musical Plagiarism"
                                                         "My Wish List for Lady Singers"

Updated   1/5/2012

Last weekend I met a man, Mike, from Portsmouth, NH at Woo's Karaoke show in La Jolla.
               He works for the Navy and travels everywhere in the US and the UK where the US Navy
               has ships to repair and weld.  He used to be in a band and loves to sing Karaoke wherever
               he's sent.  I had seen him this Summer and asked then where he thought was the best place in
               the world he's gone to sing and listen to others sing really well.  At the time, he mentioned a
               place in Virginia Beach.  This time he said, "
No question about it.  Woo's right here is the best. 
               The venue and the singers are number 1

               A few days later, I made the mistake of listening to FOX's Simon Cowell again on his glitzy
               X-Factor show.  It didn't take Simon more than 2 minutes to once more use the word "Karaoke"
               as a categorical pejorative.  His ultimate "put-down" of an inadequate performance is to
               call it "Karaoke quality".   He's always done this in all his shows. 

               What crap!  I realized that he's as ignorant as he is arrogant; no mean feat, that. Why do Americans
               have to listen to rude Englishmen judging American talent shows anyway?  Why did Piers Morgan
               replace Larry King?  One answer is because FOX and CNN want the broad mass of Americans  
               to feel inferior and deferential to their betters.  That way the 1% can better control the 99%. 
               Too cynical? Well maybe.  Another reason Simon gets away with his elitist snobbery is because
               that he and the media are trying to make his shows seem to have singers of such a lofty
               standard that it is quite unreachable for regular, everyday people to attain, unless they
               have Simon's God-like guidance and approval.  What a croc!  He's a wanna-be English aristocrat 
               carving out his own empire using patronizing put-downs to bully the natives. 

                                      Fox has a lot to learn about respecting ordinary people.
                wpe933.jpg (8054 bytes)   murderingmurdoch.jpg (18452 bytes)
Sadistic Simon's Scowling       on Rupert Murdoch's Fox Network of "Lies for Profits".

             Simon's favorite insights: "What the hell was that? A new form of torture?"
                "You sounded like you were being strangled." or "It was like one of those ghastly parties where
                the parents make their child get up and sing. And then in the end you  want to tell the child to 'shut up'.
                It was just 'horrible'." 

                Why, except out of a cruel, capitalistic need for self-enhancement, does he need to annihlate
                a young person trying to sing?  " I could sell you as a sleeping aid. I've never heard anything
                more boring in my life."  "Your mouth is far too big when you sing.  It's like looking in to a cave...
                I've never seen anything so huge in my life. Absolutely terrible."

Here's what Rock star Sting, who actually is a singer, says about Simon's X-Factor:
                         "Sting said the singers who participate in the X Factor, created by Cowell in 2004,
                            were "humiliated when they get sent off". He added: "How appalling for a young person
                            to feel that rejection. It is a soap opera which has nothing to do with music...It has put
                            music back decades. .. X Factor encourages contestants to conform to stereotypes.

X Factor is a preposterous show and you have judges who have no recognisable talent
                          apart from self-promotion, advising them what to wear and how to look. It is appalling.
                          The real shop floor for musical talent is pubs and clubs, that is where the original work is.
                          ... It is impossible to put an act on in a pub."

.                                            ( http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8355611.stm

                      wpeA.jpg (29836 bytes)
                                                                         Jimmy, Preacher and Mac

               Singing is MUCH better here in San Diego than Scowling Simon will ever know. 

                          Come to Woo's and Make Your Own Determination. 

               Woo's San Diego Karaoke is much, much better than X-Factor.  I don't think there's any question. 
               Our best singers measure up very favorably to 95% of the singers you hear on X-Factor,
               America's Got Talent and American Idol.   Of course, hearing Adam Lambert some night in person
               would be extraordinary.
               I think an important reason why Woo's is so good is because it does attract good singers and they
               help, encourage and inspire each other.  Singing here is free and for fun.  It is not a competition.
And it is most certainly NOT for profits.                            
               Another is that digitization really interferes with the quality of the sound.  No place
               in the bar is more than 30' from the singer.  And if you like the song, all you have to
               do is applaud and walk up to the singer and say "Thanks".

  Some of our Karaoke singers are professional singers. Quite a few sing as well as those
               we have heard in lounges in Las Vegas.  I personally like many of their versions of
               certain songs more than the original recording's singer's version.  

                Simon is so wrong to malign Karaoke.  Lots of well-known singers were discovered
                there.   But from a listeners' viewpoint,  Karaoke lets you appreciate the poetry of the
                songs, because you can read the words that are being sung.  The songs touch what
                makes us all human.  A good way to see what goes into singing entertaingly is to try it yourself. 
                That's how you learn to appreciate the variety of skills it takes.  Along the way,  you will
                discover that listeners defintely want to be touched emotionally.    The more the singers
                give of themselves, the more the audience loves them.  Life is that way, too.

               Let me introduce some of Woo's singers in no particular order.....
                                                           Wild William  wpe4.jpg (1539 bytes)

        ENNIS (AKA The Candyman) and DEBORAH are at the top of my list.  Debbie is so modest
        and SO GOOD.  I always try to move closer when she sings.  I don't want to to miss a single note. 

        And if the night gets too exciting, I want you to know Ennis is a paramedic. We are blessed to
        hear them most Saturday and Sunday nights at Woo's.

DSCN0283.jpg (211459 bytes)
wpe4.jpg (68543 bytes)
    Calvin and "Preacher Man"  
Here, in my humble opinion,  is far better entertainment than arrogant Simon Cowell's X-Factor.
    I am trying to become Preacher's agent.  These two guys are always good.            
    Haven't seen Calvin for a month.  We'll bring him back.

wpe4.jpg (24105 bytes) 

    Dr. Mark shows that neurologists know a thing or two about the heart, too.
    Who could resist that look and his sweet songs?  But behind that sweet

    smile is also a master singer of the confrontation between Jekyll and Hyde?
wpe5.jpg (37079 bytes)

     Lovely Lana (on right) singing a year or so ago.  Lori sang in a band in Oregon.
      We need to post some recordings of her songs, like Landslide.  Lana has the smoothest,
      prettiest voice of all.  She used to sing Karen Carpenter and country songs, like Some Day
      Soon, as well as is humanly possible, I think.  Now memorializing Michael Jackson's many
      gifts to us is her focus.  Billy Jean, Human NatureRock with Me

wpe5.jpg (28144 bytes)

                               Lori and Lana Singing at Woo's
- At Last (in style of Etta James).
Lana - Hurts So Bad (in style of Little Anthony & Imperials)
       On The Outside Looking In (in style of Little Anthony & Imperials) 

wpe898.jpg (16464 bytes)   wpe899.jpg (11923 bytes)DSCN0398.JPG (116732 bytes)
                                           Lana with admirers, Rock and Roll Mike. William and Rick at Woo's

  wpe8.jpg (280813 bytes)
                                What a smile!

  Rock and Rolls Mike "keeping the beat boys" and singing most powerfully at Woo's.
  Super talent.  Not many sing fast song  with such good voice control and musical accuracy, too.
  I first met him 10 years ago wowing the crowd at the Melissa King's Lighthouse Karaoke.
  Melissa King is such a fine singer and hostess.  I miss seeing her regularly.   She's at the
  Charcoal House two nights a week. You should have heard the singers Melissa brought
  together at the Lighthouse.  Mike has provided us two songs from Jessie.  
  Listen to  Once in A Lifetime and she had
wpe8.jpg (15015 bytes)
               Mike singing:      You Never Called Me
                                         You Can Leave Your Hat On.  (A song Preacher wows em with, too.)
                                         I Like 'em A Little on The Trashy Side.
                                         Still Got The Blues. (A song I like to sing, too, from the late Michael Moore.)
                                          Mustang Sally  
                        More coming.
   What superlatives adequately describe DaVida's songs and voice.  She hits notes so clearly.  She
     adds her own take to the songs, too.  And then there's that smile, as big as whole world.  Did you know
     she is a Tony award winning TV journalist?  She has many, many devoted admirers, including me.
     The buzz of the bar always stops when she gets up to sing,.   .

DSCN0505(1).JPG (257805 bytes)

         Clemencia and Alan are KJs, like Miss Woo.  Alan likes rock and roll songs
           while Clemencia sings mostly country spmgs.  They sing with wonderful enthusiasm and class.
   Clemenica's timing is so fine.  I wish I had her musical self-control and modulation. 
           Come and listen to her sing, Shirley Bassey's Never, Never, Never.  What timing!
           She also sings Patsy Cline classics as well as anyone.  Every now and then she sings two
           of my all-time favorites,
Sweet Dreams and Just out of Reach.  
wpe4.jpg (20399 bytes)   
wpe8.jpg (9472 bytes)  Alan - smilin', rockin', rollin' songster.

    Multi-talented and beautiful Denise has a fantastic range and will sing professionally
     for your group. Get a taste of her singing at Harmonic Essence.  She can hit the high E
     in the Phantom of the Opera.  Listen to how hard this is.   Compare some different Christines.
     Denise's renderings of How Do I Live, Foolish Games, Long, Long Time  are better
     than the originals, I think.    See if you can resist her When You Kiss Me.
  She sounds like
     Lida Rondstadt to my ears when she sings Long, Long Time.  Tell her how good
     she is.  We want to see her to visit more often. 

   wpe7.jpg (49313 bytes)
    Woo's regular, Jimmy, always sings superbly and with a special passion.  
   Always coming up with something, new, he is a great crows pleaser.   And

   like others at Woo's, he is wonderfully encouraging, too.  I really look forward
   to hearing Woo call him up to sing.  I warm you.  He is a tease.  You learn to love his songs
   and then he abandons them for new ones.  Ask him to sing 'Grenade' and Muse's Uprising.
   You won't be disappointed. 

wpeB.jpg (37403 bytes)
   Maria and JC - AKA The Sinatra Guy and John Carter.. An ex-Limey, no one is
   smoother, cooler, singing Frank Sinatra than John.  Impeccably timed notes with a huge,
   winning smile.  He entertains regularly on weekends at San Diego's Seaport Village and at
   your next wedding, too. (Ha!)  Seriously, listen to him on You Tube  You've got to love his
   "Luck Be A Lady",  "Summer Wind", Come Fly with Me, The Best is Yet To Come,
   especially when he sings them a mere 15 feet from you without any distorting digitization.
   Don't think John eclipses Maria.  I can't imagine not listening to her.  She's pretty, huh, too!?

wpe7.jpg (117787 bytes)
    Above, pretty Maria and big John sure have nice smiles.  Good music creates lots of healthy endorphins.
    The Brain and Music: Music Releases Endorphins in Brain

    Below,  JC and Miss Woo sing a duet.  Miss Woo sang professionally in Las Vegas.   
wpe6.jpg (43269 bytes)
        Miss Dale and JefferyMiss Dale's passionate singing is another high-point,
        as is Jeffery's perfect rhythm.   Jeffery makes obscurer songs from Elvis and others seem
        simple to sing.well.  Don't be fooled.  They aren't. He is very talented.  And a great dancer, too.
        And a politer man you will never meet..

DSCN0408.JPG (102230 bytes)


          Pat's deep voice singing of country songs will surely get you to tap your feet and look for
     a dance partner.  He's my ally keeping country songs alive here in San Diego.  Soft spoken and
     handsome, you'll learn to admire his many country-style songs, like Fireman.

PAT06-16-11.JPG (184707 bytes)

                 Pat and Mary Lee mostly come on Sundays.
wpe6.jpg (19525 bytes)

     I love Becky's songs.  If I were to pick just one, it would be "Don't Cha".
                     "Don't Cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
                            Don't Cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?
                            Don't Cha?    Don't Cha?
                            Don't Cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me?
                            Don't Cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me?
                            Don't Cha?  Don't Cha?

wpe9.jpg (72971 bytes)

      Not many people in the entire country sing as well as Jonathon
      Multi-lingual, born in Singapore, not many whiz through college in 3 years like Jonathon did at Washington State..  
      And certainly not many people are as polite and so enjoyable to be around. 
      Maybe,  he'll read this and come more often to Woo's.. He's been a finalist in a regional
      Karaoke contest.  You should see him dance, too.

wpeA.jpg (67274 bytes)

     Johnny C is an ex-KJ who knows the history of popular music inside-out..  My fondest
      memory of him is. I think,  when he dressed like a huge bumble bee and sang Ricky Martin's
      "She Bangs".  His moves on stage probably infringe on the original, they are so good.  The lyrics
     are a big part of the fun:
                         "Well she bangs, she bangs
                         Oh baby
                         When she moves, she moves
                         I go crazy
                         Cause she looks like a flower but she stings
                         Like a bee
                         Like every girl in history
                         She bangs, she bangs"

DSCN0523.JPG (339621 bytes)
     C'est L'amour Uncle Rick is a trained linguist.  He translated Russian for the army.   "Dobriya vyecher, tovarishch.". 
     He married a French girl he corresponded with for two years before they actually met.   He sings many different
     country songs.  But it's the French songs that I think are special.  La Vie En Rose.    Song from Moulin Rouge.

wpeD.jpg (48492 bytes)
    Jerome was with The Platters in the 1970s.  He is good and what a range.  And add to that his
     voice has so many over and under-tones, you'd think you were listening to a trio of singers, at
     least.  His Smoke Gets in Your Eyes is a show-stopper.   Pity the person who must follow him.
     Jerome was offered the part of Paul Robeson in a Broadway musical.   He sings up in
     Temecula on most Thursday nights.   See http://www.jeromerobinsonsings.com/

wpe9.jpg (19836 bytes)
    Tommy lets Miss Woo pick any song she wants him to sing from a list of 100 favorites.
     That's pretty brave. 

wpeB.jpg (62626 bytes)
    Chuy and Mimi. They keep a sweet beat.
wpe8.jpg (18944 bytes)
    Deseret and Rick.  I like what Deseret is dishing up.
     Everything Rick sings ends with lots of applause.  Come and see why...

    wpe7.jpg (19439 bytes)     
        May and Alvin - Bravo!!!  Alvin, you're a rock star!
wpe6.jpg (26388 bytes)
    Rocky - No one sings the ever popular Mack The Knife any better.
   Ask him about the Padres.  He runs a restaurant at the ball park downtown.
wpe9.jpg (9222 bytes)

           Lori sang on tour with Jerome (further below) and is from Tennessee, not that you'd
            have her confused with a Yankee when you hear her sing her country songs.  The hand
            on her shoulder belongs to Carl, a race car driver.   I feel a little guilty about editing him
            out of the picture, but we haven't got him to sing yet.  Just so that he won't object, on
            the right side is the same picture with him and his wife, Lori..

            wpe9.jpg (12185 bytes)wpeA.jpg (19192 bytes)
     Dale - Big, Solid, Enthusuastic Song-Singer - Where are you?  He's the only one who does justice
     to Long Gone Lonesome Blues besides me, of course,  in San Diego.
     wpeB.jpg (115886 bytes)    Big Everett  
     I love this guy.  He's all heart.  Come and listen to the energy he gives away. 
    And I like him because he keeps asking me to sing a great blues song by the
     late, great Gary Moore, Still Got The Blues. I'm going to get him to sing it.
     There are no "song-stealers"!   Look at its You-Tube ratings for Gary Moore's
     song:  likes, 166 dislikes   You gotta wonder who could not like this song.
    Linda K  - Like to dance?  Linda loves to get your feet a movin'.  Linda,  I can't seem to find
    a picture of you. 

   Mr. Dale - Never a bad note.  A lover of duets with ladies.  And a great singer of my Hank Williams'
    favorite, Long Gone Lonesome Blues.  I forgive him this, because he always laughs even at my
    worst jokes.  He's moved 30 miles away.  But he'll come back.   I can't locate a picture.  But Dale
    stands out whether on the stage, sitting at a table or guarding the bar.

    Two more very good lady singers at Woo's from New Year's Eve - 2011-2012..
wpeD.jpg (29367 bytes)wpeC.jpg (41076 bytes)
    Last and least among Woo's singers is Wild William.
    He loves old country songs but still considers the period 1968-1979 to be the golden age
    of popular music.  Miss Woo keeps asking him to sing
    Hank William's "My Bucket's Got A Hole in It."  He calls it a Spiritual song about a
    Holy Bucket.   His musical tastes are eclectic.  See the many songs he thinks you will like here..
    Each week he falls in love with an entirely new and long forgotten song. People love
    rediscovering beautiful songs they had long forgotten and William loves it whenyounger
    people say "Wow. Thanks...I've never heard those songs before."  

     Williams' real Karaoke goal is to get adoring looks like Marty Robbins did singing
    "I Walk Alone" Look at the video...

     Listen to William sing his favorite Blues song - Still Got The Blues by  Gary Moore who
     died a few months ago.  Youtube shows the number of thumbs ups and down. 
     likes, 407 dislikes  for this song  performed live by Moore.  Read the comments there.

8-15-2010 020.jpg (636710 bytes)
     WilliamRing of Fire (in style of Johnny Cash)       Always on My Mind (in style of Willie Nelson     

        Many Songs' Origins Will Surprise You.

  You may not know that the original song that became Mack the Knife
   was 'Die Moritat von Mackie Messer' from the 'Threepenny opera'
   by populist Bertolt Brecht, one of my heroes. The rolled "R" sounds here
   sounds like a cat purring.  Maybe, that's why I like it.  A hundred years ago,
   mostly "less educated",  poorer rural workers in southern Germany used it.  
   Brecht was born in Bavaria and extremely sympathetic to workers struggling
   to survive in a society that legitimized exploitation by calling it self "free" and capitalist.
   He wrote a documentary about mass unemployment:  Kuhle Wampor (Empty Belly):
   Wem gehört die Welt? (Who owns The World?) 

   Brecht was a fierce anti-Fascist.  He fled Germany, coming to America from Finland in 1941. 
   In the US after the was he was black-listed for being a Communist sympathizer.  He
   appeared before the 
House Un-American Activities Committee.   "Dressed in overalls
   and smoking an acrid cigar that made some of the committee members feel slightly ill",
   Brecht testified that he had never been a member of the Communist Party, while making
   repeated wry jokes about the inquisition.  "
Though he was never a member of the Communist Party,
   Brecht had been deeply schooled in Marxism by the dissident communist Karl Korsch. Korsch's version of
   the Marxist dialectic influenced Brecht greatly, both his aesthetic theory and theatrical practice. Brecht received
   the Stalin Peace Prize in 1954.   Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bertolt_Brecht

   Read about Brecht's heroes  Charlie Chaplin and the clown Karl Valentin   in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bertolt_Brecht
   It is his melody in Alabama song that became the Door's Whisky Bar (Moon over Alabama).  David Bowie's
   modified version is impressive.

Erst kommt das Fressen
Dann kommt die Moral.
First the grub (lit. "eating like animals, gorging")
Then the morality.

wpe8.jpg (10149 bytes)  wpe9.jpg (7483 bytes)
Brecht Saint Joan of the Stockyards      In September 1947 Charlie Chaplin was subpoenaed to appear before the
House UnAmerican Activities' Committee, but his critics were aftraid of him immense popularity.  They postponed
his meeting three times.  Like the unaccountable weasle he was, J. Edgar Hoover, and the FBI, by then had a
1,900 page file on his political activities. Hoover advised the Attorney General that when Chaplin left the
country he should be allowed to return.   Charlie wrote in his Autobiography that he met Upton Sinclair.

We were driving to his house in Pasadena for lunch and he asked me in his soft-spoken way if I believed

in the profit system. It was a disarming question, but instinctively I felt it went to the very root of the matter,
  and from that moment I became interested and saw politics not as history but as an economic problem. "

I remain just one thing, and one thing only — and that is a clown. It places me on a far higher plane
than any politician."

                         SONG STEALERS:
                                   wpe8.jpg (7784 bytes)
                 We Can't Help Learning from Each Other.
                              But Sharing Is Not Compatible with Die-Hard Capitalism

     Take the case of Gary Moore's Still Got The Blues.   and a song called "Nordrach"
     (named after a village) by the German band Jud's Gallery.  A German court ruled that the guitar
     solo on the title  track was plagiarized from this song.   The German version was the inspiration,
     no doubt in my mind, though Moore made it much, much more profoundly moving.  The original
     German band did not lead with this or seem to appreciate its power.  Instead, the relevant
     passage, which sounds clumsy and redundant by comparison, was included 6:14 minutes into
     a 10 minute-long set and only lasted 1:40.  The entire Nordrach may be listened  to here:

     Moore denied knowing of the song, due to its unavailability on record or CD at the time of studio work
     on his album; the court stated that the song could have been heard on the radio or in a live performance
     during that time. The court also stated that there was no evidence that the guitar solo was lifted from
     "Nordrach",  but copyright infringement in Germany does not depend on outright theft. Moore was
      ordered to pay Jürgen Winter, leader of Jud's Gallery, an undisclosed amount in damages.
     In the US, Canada, and the U.K. for there to be plagiarism, it must be proven that that the plagiarizer
     probably had access to the plagiarized material.. See the discussion at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musical_plagiarism

     Compare Billy Joel's intro for the "The Stranger" (1977) and Moore's "Spanish Guitar"
     Who Cares? 
Pravindaswani74   They are differently special.  As are Hank William's Move it on Over (1947)
     and Bill Haley's Rock around The Clock (1956).    Law suits show the barest tip of the ice berg.  We
     all listen and learn from each other.  See a history of musical plagiarism law suits.

  LadySinger.jpg (25139 bytes)   My Wish List of Songs for Lady Singers

          Patsy Cline - Sweet Dreams  -  Reba McIntire  - without accompaniment - Emmylou Harris
      Emmylou Harris - Today I Started Loving You Again
           Etta James - Almost Persuaded
           Linda Ronstadt  - Long Long  Time         
           Patsy Cline - Just Out of Reach
Crystal Gayle   When I Dream  "Maybe someday it will come true."

My Wish List of A Karaoke Version for Male Singers
John Denver   This Old Guitar
Imanol's  Zure Tristura  -- Manenchoho's Zure Tristura (Your Sadness) - Basque folk song.

           wpe8.jpg (15093 bytes) wpe8.jpg (33934 bytes)wpe9.jpg (21271 bytes)
                     The Basque language predates Indo-European languages like Spanish and French.
                     Thus the words for young girl "Neskato" and man "Gizon" are unlike the same
                     words in Latin, Spanish, French Portuguese...When the Romans came, they call
                     the Basque language "Aquitanian".  Basque adopted many Romance words.
                     Some linguists trace Basque to Georgian or Chechen, both languages of the
                     Caucuses (Kavkazi).  Here is the song in Basque with a Spanish translation,
                     which is then treanslated into English.  The singing more than makes up for what
                     is lost in translation.

                        Zure Tristura nabari dut
                                     Tu tristeza me llega
Your sadness I bear
                      keinu partikular gisan,

                                     como un gesto particular,
As a personal gesture.
                      dintasunez hain tristea
                                         Con digna tristeza, 
With dignity and sadness
                      nola nahi zenuken izan. 

                                        tal y como deseaste.
Just as you have desired.

                      Dintasunez hain tristea
                                        Con digna tristeza,
With dignity and sadness
                      kaletan zoazean,
                                        andas por las calles,
You walk along the streets,.
                      ezpainak krabelin xuri
                                        labios, como blancos claveles
with lips like white carnations
                      bihotza oinazepean.

                                   y corazón atormentado. 
And a Tormented heart. 

                      Desafiozko hauzitan

                                  En pleitos desafiantes 
In a defiant exterior (suit)
                      epai zorrotzen esale,

                                  con jueces severos, 
with severe judges,
                     ezer ez daukazularik

                                  no teniendo nada,
not having anything,
                     maitasunaren eskale.

                                  vas implorando amor.
You go imploring love.

                     Maitasuna maitasuna

                                  Amor, amor,
love. love.
                     romantikoen uharte,

                                  ínsula de los románticos,
Island of the romantics,
                     penak desegingo zaitu

                                  la pena te ha de corroer
  the grief  has corroded you
                     odola izoztu arte.

                                  y helarte la sangre.
And has chilled your blood.

                    Zure tristura nabari dut

                                  Tu tristeza me llega, 
Your sadness I carry..
                    keinu bakarzale gisan,

                                  como un gesto solitario, 
as a solitary gesture,
                    etsipenean hain harro

                                  orgullosa en tu desesperanza 
proud in your despair
                    nola nahi zenuken izan.

                                  tal y como deseaste.  Just as you have desired.


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