PAGE 5  TIGERSOFT (C) 2011 Wm. Schmidt, Ph.D.(Coumbia University)
Use TigerSoft to watch what Market Professionals
and Corporate Insiders are doing.

Use TigerSoft with

        commodities' Examples: See how Insider Accumulation turns into Professional Distribution in the case
       of Crude Oil (2008).  TigerSoft measures both
insider trading as well as professional hedge fund and
       mutual fund sentiment.
  Buying and just Holding is extremely dangerous. It's not necessary. 
    Use TigerSoft.     Learn what we have gained from 30 years' experience. 

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                                     SILVER 1979-1980
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                              Trade The Hotest Commodities with New Confidence.
        In 2011, we bought Silver at 22-23 and sold it at 47 and 44 using TigerSoft's

        Pro-Closing Power. Here's how...

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