from Mid 2005-May 2006
  8/16/2005 DJIA=10513
     "Market's Internals Are Clearly Weakening...
     NASDAQ and SOX have Bearish Head and Shoulders Patterns.
     The SP-500 has recently made a new closing high which was 
     widely unconfirmed by the DJI also making a new high.  
     Historically this is a distinctly bearish phenomenon..."
  8/18 DJIA = 10555
     "Bearishly, breadth has stayed negative.  The NYSE A/D 
     Line uptrend has been violated. Under the orginal 
     Peerless rules this would be a Sell S6.  Note that we 
     did come fairly close to a Sell S12 in mid July.  
     The red 10-day Down Volume is bearishly above its falling Blue
     10-day Down Volume..."
  8/19 DJIA=10559
      "DJI is below its now declining 21-day ma.  A testing of 
      10350-10400 would be consistent with the present volatility 
      and expected additional short-term weakness. (In fact,
      the DJIA did bottom out at 10,200 in October..."
  At a significant bottom:
   10/11 DJIA=10253
      "Oorthodox Peerless users still have to expect a rally.  
      Keep in mind that Octobers often bring an important panic 
      and pivot point for a year end rally..."

   10/14 DJIA=10287
      "New research I have done reaches a very bullish conclusion.   
      There was no Major Sell in July as the DJI reached the upper 
      band. And there has been no Major Buy on this trip to
      the lower band.  But the operative major signal is an operative 
      BUY.  There have been 43 cases since 1965 when these conditions 
      existed.  In 38 of them, nearly 90%,   the DJI rallied to the 
      upper band or at least would have brought a profit to someone
      who would have bought at the lower band. Reaching the lower band
      (as we have now) should be considereda renewal of the Major Buy."

   10/18 DJIA=10285
      "Reaching the lower band should be considered a renewal of the 
      Major Buy..."          

   11/25 DJIA=10932
      "Peerless Buy B10 and  NASDAQ B1/B10.  Bullish Seasonality and 
      Internet Strength are Quite Bullish  Now... Breadth was very 
      positive again today.  The NASDAQ and SP500 have exceeded
      their summer highs and are running upwards.  Breakouts to new 
      high ground are bullish this time of the year..." 
   12/30 DJIA=10718
      "NYSE breadth has been reasonably good and we now see an A/D NC 
      of the DJI's decline and a Buy B11 in the DJI. These are about 
   1/3/2006 DJIA=10847
      "Today's exceptional strength may show that a DJI move over 11000
      is coming. That would be very bullish given how long the market
      has been building up steam at these levels..." 
   2/9 DJIA=10859
      "The now operative Peerless DJI-B8 and B11 signals
      are more than 75% reliable, especially  when they occur without
      a major Peerless Sell Signal..." 
   3/14 DJIA=11151
      "March and April Are Bullish Months and the OEX and DJI
      Marginal New Highs Should Be Considered Bullish..."

   3/31 DJIA=11109
      "While Gold and Silver stock run-ups are warnings, the trend 
      for smaller stock is up and strengthening now. The rise of 
      some lesser known stocks, like EDAP and IIIN, shown below, 
      certainly builds up speculative interest for other lesser known, 
      smaller stocks." 
   4/18 DJIA=11269
      "The FED gave a Huge Boost to Market Today. There were 1900 
      More Up Than Down on NYSE.  Breadth was the Most Bullish 
      It Has Been A Year.  That should let market rally forther.
      Bush Administration Is Planning Medicaid Cut Backs.  That 
      Is One Key Reason Why Health Care Stocks Are Lagging.  
      I would (continue to) focus on Foreign Funds and natural 
      resources stocks... 
      "While a DJI target of 11700 is now set up in theory, as 
      that was the high in the year 2000, we have not seen a 
      9%-10% decline in the SP-500 since January 2003." 
     5/2 DJIA = 11367
      "While we still are operating under a major 
      Peerless Buy...An S9 or S12 awaits any rally.  
      Friday MSFT fell 12%.  We just can't have a bull market 
      made up of Financial Stocks in the DJI, metals' stocks 
      and foreign ETFS...

     5/10 DJIA = 11642... Friday brought a Major Sell S9.
      "Today it was clinched... That the DJI is within 80 points 
      of its highest closing suggests there are a lot of sell 
      orders ready to be submitted as soon as the DJI surpasses 
      11700.  S9 signals are particularly reliable with tech stocks.  
      You can see from the NASDAQ's very negative RELDJI indicator 
      that they are showing high vulnerabillity. Look at the 
      NASDAQ-100 stocks and find those with a very negatuve 
      IP21 (below -.25) that are just below their 50-day ma.  
      The new ranking software makes this easy.  If you do, you 
      will see a number of attractive short sale candidates.  
      I have picked 5 more to short...
      "This is the most important Sell Signal in the Peerless 
      arsenal.  Going back to 1965, there have been 264 days 
      when an S9 signal appeared on the screen.  74% brought a 
      decline in the DJI by the time of the next major Buy signal.  
      The average drop at the time of the next major Buy signal 
      was 7.4%..."  

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