"If You Can Still Laugh, You're Sane and Healthier
                   than those who run the country."

                                     www.tigersoft.com   William Schmidt, Ph.D.

     Bush is certifiable.  Look at what he let slip on Saturday, November 15, 2008
                                         DC Summit...
          "Underscoring how bad things have gotten this time,
          President George W. Bush, the summit host, said he
          had agreed to the recent $700 billion rescue plan for
          U.S. financial institutions only after being told the nation
          was at risk of falling into
"a depression greater than the Great Depression." "
     Bush may have just scare the stock market down another 100 points!
     What A Deranged, Destructive Idiot!         

    ======== BUSH IS SUCH A PATHETIC TARGET ==========

3-3-2008       Bush and The Indians
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Bush goes to an Indian Reservation to make a campaign speech.
He comes before a large audience of Indians and starts making
speaking.  First he promises more jobs on the reservation. "If you
elect me, I'll spend millions on better roads and schools."  The
Indians start chanting "Ho-Ya.  Ho-Ya.  Ho-Ya." 

Feeling encouraged, he goes on.  "If you vote for me, I'll bring
in the best doctors to the reservation and build a wonderful
new hospital".  Hearing this, the Indians again start chanting
"Ho-Ya.  Ho-Ya.  Ho-Ya." 

Bush now feels he really has their support.  So, to clinch it,
he says, "And to prove how good I am a friend to Indians here,
I will authorize a vast new Indian casino, so you can all have
lots of money.  Now, the Indians are really excited and start
shouting "Ho-Ya.  Ho-Ya.  Ho-Ya."  

So when the speech is finished, the Chief takes him for a
walking tour of the reservation.  As they step into apasture,
Bush nearly steps into a big poop-pile and the chief says "Watch out
for the Ho-Ya."

Did you laugh?

Cartoonists love Bush.  He makes their job so easy.
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