RED TIGERSOFT Distribution Stocks
                                 May 14, 2010

Looking at these past 12 months
           one might get the impression that stocks only go one way,
           and that is UP.    Of course, that is not true.  There are a few
           stocks that are down significantly, despite the bull market. 

                 To avoid them, or even sell them short profitably, all one
           had to do was use TigerSoft's unique tools showing unofficial
           Insider and Professional Selling.  Compare the unofficial selling
           we measure with that reported to SEC.  The official statistics
           would have been of little help.

            ATHN - Aethena Health -
            Insiders bought no shares and sold 4.8% of their holdings

            ENER - Energy Conversion Devices
            No significant official trades.  Yet stock sold off badly.

            MON - Monsanto
            Official insider selling slight exceeded buying.
            Yet stock sold off badly.

            STU - Student Loan

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