TigerSoft's Game Changer
TigerSoft's Closing Power Percent
                               (C) 2009  William Schmidt, Ph.D.

March 12, 2009  from MW, Phoenix - a Professional Money Manager.
                 "Bill, your work is solid and that's why I took the trade. I know you deeply care about what the accuracy
             of the information you print. What I respect most about you Bill is your hard work, your a very good market
             technician-at times brillant, and most importantly your a man of conscience...Tiger Software has some great
             strengths: your work on closing power was a game changer for me. Also, the 4 combinations: Accumulation,
             OBV, Closing Power, and Relative Strength work was most helpful  

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         Simply trade the trend-changes.  The rules are simple. 
         A break in a rising Closing Power trend is a Sell.  A break in a falling
         Closing Power trend is a Buy.    This simple approach catches
         nearly all significant moves in whatever you trade.  Here are some
         examples:  Crude Oil,  Gold, Silver....

                    The gains even with DJIA-30 stocks are amazing.  Below are
         charts of the five stocks DJIA-30, taken randomly.... 

                    The simple rules keep you in position to ride each significant
         trend.   Of course, you will want to pick the best stocks to Buy
         using TigerSoft's Accumulation Index and Power Ranker.

                    The returns here are based on the assumption that one starts
          with $10,000 and fully invests all proceeds with each Buy and Sell.
          Short positions are taken on Sells.   It is further assumed that the
          cost of each closed out position is $40 and that positions are taken
          at the opening on the day after the Buy or Sell.
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